Is Apti Plus is good Coaching Institute in Kolkata for IAS Exam Preparation?

Administered by the Union Civil Service Commission (UPSC), the Public Service Examination is one of the toughest exams in India. Preparing for this exam requires a lot of hard work, dedication and guidance. 

When it comes to preparing for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) exam, coaching institutes can be a great help in providing guidance and support to aspirants. Apti Plus is one such coaching institute in Kolkata that has gained a reputation for providing quality coaching for IAS aspirants. In this article, we will take a closer look at Apti Plus and evaluate whether it is a good coaching institute for IAS preparation.

Apti Plus is a well-known IAS coaching institute in Kolkata that offers exam training for civil service. Established in 2005, it has helped many students achieve their dream of becoming an IAS officer. The Institute has a team of experienced and dedicated faculty who are experts in their fields. 

Become IAS at Apti Plus

 What Distinguishes Apti Plus? 

Comprehensive Study Material: Apti Plus provides comprehensive study material covering all subjects and subjects required for the IAS exam. The study material is updated regularly and the institution ensures that the content is relevant to current trends and exam patterns.

Personal Attention: Apti Plus believes in the importance of individual attention to each student. Lot sizes are limited to ensure the department can provide individual attention to each student. The Institute also offers one-on-one clarification sessions to ensure students have a good understanding of the concepts. 

Mock Tests: Apti Plus regularly conducts mock tests to help students gauge their readiness level. Mock tests are designed to simulate a real exam, and students receive feedback that helps them identify strengths and weaknesses.

Expert Speaker: Apti Plus speakers are experienced and knowledgeable. They have excellent knowledge of the exam syllabus and provide students with the right advice to help them pass the exam. 

Excellent infrastructure: Apti Plus has excellent infrastructure, including air-conditioned classrooms, a library and a computer room. The institute offers comfortable and favourable learning conditions. 

Value for Money: Apti Plus offers coaching with a competitive pricing structure. The Institute believes in providing quality education at an affordable price. 

Feedback and Doubt Clearing: Apti Plus provides students with regular feedback and doubt-clearing sessions to help them improve their performance. The faculty members are always available to clarify any doubts that the students may have.

Teaching Methodology: The teaching methodology at Apti Plus is student-centric, which means that the focus is on understanding the needs and requirements of each student. The faculty members provide individual attention to students and ensure that they have a clear understanding of the concepts.

Student Reviews: According to the student reviews available online, Apti Plus is a good coaching institute for IAS preparation. Students have appreciated the faculty’s teaching methodology, study material, and regular mock tests.

Experienced Faculty:

The faculty at Apti Plus is well-experienced and has a good track record of producing successful candidates in various competitive exams. The teachers are highly qualified and have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. The faculty members are very supportive and approachable, which makes it easy for the students to clarify their doubts and seek guidance.

However, like any coaching institute, Apti Plus also has some drawbacks. Some of them are:

Limited Branches: Apti Plus has limited branches, which may not be accessible to all students.

Time-Consuming: Coaching classes can be time-consuming, and they may not be suitable for working professionals or students who are pursuing graduation.

Individual Efforts: Even with the coaching, the students need to put in their individual efforts to crack the IAS exam.

Overall, Apti Plus is a good IAS preparatory training institute in Kolkata. The Institute has a proven track record and provides excellent student counseling and support. However, it should be noted that coaching institutes alone cannot guarantee success in the IAS exam. Success depends on the dedication, hard work and discipline of the student.

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