Water Pollution Essay in English for Class 1st to 12th Students 2024

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Looking for the water pollution essay in English for class 1st to 12th students?

Here you will get the best essay on water pollution for your study and exams.

This water pollution essay is very important for class 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th students.

Essay on Water Pollution in English for students

Water Pollution Essay in English

If a person wants to live a happy life then it is his right to live in a healthy environment and live in a clean environment, but if both the environment and the environment get polluted then the person will not be able to live in a happy environment even if he wants to.

Due to man, the amount of pollutants on the earth is increasing very much and due to this various types of life on earth are getting disturbed.

Efforts are being made to save them in various ways but they are proving insufficient.

That is why reducing pollutants becomes the responsibility of every person who is a part of the environment and society, and for this purpose.

In today’s essay, we will tell you what pollution is, how it spreads, how many types it is, How pollution is harming our environment, how it is harming humans and different types of life, and what we can do to stop this damage.

In the end, we will tell you what can be the cheapest and ways to stop pollution.

What is pollution?

When the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere increases, the environment becomes polluted.

Pollutants can be of different types and can also be found in different types.

It can be found in air, in water, on land, everywhere. These can be found in your food.

This pollutant can be found in your breathing air & in your drinking water.

Various types of diseases take the lives of humans due to pollutants; today pollution is a matter of global concern where many organizations around the world are making their efforts to stop pollution.

Various campaigns have been launched to solve this problem.

Man has always contributed to the spread of pollution, because the things that man uses in his daily work, he throws them after use, which contains a lot of plastic elements and also in plastic.

Single-use plastics are the most used by humans, and when their use is completed, then the person throws them in the garbage can or throws them on the road, and pollution also starts playing from them.

Pollution can arise from volcanic ash, can also be produced by various types of a chemical explosion, and many chemical reactions produce pollutants, and they cover a very large area in just a short time.

Today, in the very middle of the North Pacific Ocean, there is a place called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is a huge collection of microscopic particles of plastic.

What is a pollutant?

A pollutant is an element that is responsible for the system of spreading pollution.

Different types of pollution elements can be found in the atmosphere, due to which different types of pollution are created.

These pollutants include various types of chemical fertilizers, harmful gases, sewerage water, and various types of unnecessary noises created in the atmosphere, and giant smoke emanating from volcanoes, explosions of various types of wars, all these pollutants which are caused by pollution.

Pollutants can be of different types and contribute to different types of pollution. We will know about all these elements in detail.

What are the types of pollution?

There are mainly three types of pollution.

  • Air pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • And land pollution.
  • Apart from this, noise pollution is also light pollution which is a type of pollution.

Water Pollution

Many times when we drink water, we smell the water, and the water looks dirty to us. Sometimes we can see garbage floating on a puddle or lake and when we smell the water in our hands, we get such a terrible smell that it is not easy to smell it.

According to UN estimates, 4000 children die every year due to drinking dirty water, which is a huge number.

But sometimes water pollution can also be due to natural reasons, such as natural oil seepage and petroleum seep.

There is nothing because the contribution of humans remains very much in making water pollution, which remains in very large quantities.

Because when chemical substances released from factories are thrown into water sources. After this, they are no longer usable and the reason for this is due to improper disposal of chemical substances.

Due to the water standing in one place or due to the mixing of chemical substances, green-blue algae are produced in the water.

Due to this, cyanobacteria are produced and it is produced very rapidly, and due to this marine organisms are not able to survive for long and become ill.

Due to mining and drilling, water pollution increases greatly and all the waste of those drains is washed away in the rivers present near the coal mine because by drilling the rocks in a way, it releases chemical sulfur in the rate, and that sand when If it goes into rivers, that whole river becomes sulfuric acid.

The amount of sulfuric acid is fatal for the aquatic organisms present in the river and the trees and plants that are flourishing due to that river.

Oil spills are very dangerous for water, one such example we can see is in April 2010, where there was a terrible explosion in the Gulf of Rigomexico, due to which oil started leaking from the seafloor and the surface of the sea.

Millions of gallons of oil had come up, due to which more than two million sea creatures had died.

Factors causing water pollution

Various types of substances are responsible for causing water pollution, such as
Global warming, deforestation, waste of factories, dumping of plastic and other substances in water sources, a huge amount of plastic being thrown into the sea, mixing of harmful oil substances in drinking water is also a cause of water pollution.

What are the disasters of pollution?

Different types of pollution elements cause different types of damages, but if we put them all together and tell you further then-

  • Pollution can shorten your life.
  • Taking your health can be difficult due to pollution.
  • You may find it difficult to see due to pollution.
  • Due to pollution, you can get terrible diseases like cancer.
  • Pollution can cause your death.
  • The land can become barren due to pollution.
  • Your food can be poisonous due to pollution.
  • Due to pollution, the shadow of death will continue to hang on the life of the people.
  • Various life-threatening diseases can occur due to pollution such as typhoid, cholera, jaundice, etc.
  • You may get cancer due to pollution, you may get high blood pressure disease.
  • Your fertility may be very poor.
  • Premature death, children being malnourished, fruits and vegetables not being beneficial, all these are the disadvantages of pollution, which you will have to see in the coming time.
  • Acid rain can also occur due to pollution and various types of neurological diseases will continue to ruin you generation after generation due to pollution.

What can be done to prevent pollution?

There can be many measures to prevent pollution that can be done on a large scale, such as-

  • Making arrangements for proper disposal of plastic products.
  • Immediately stop contracting plastic products into the sea.
  • Searching for a comprehensive replacement of plastics.
  • Taking various precautions regarding the use of plastic.
  • Using chemical substances correctly and not leaving them open in the environment.
  • Increased responsibility for the care of chemical elements.
  • Stop deforestation.
  • Reducing greenhouse gases.
  • Very limited use of chemical substances that cause holes in the ozone layer.
  • To recycle large amounts of plastic.
  • Remelting and using aluminum, glass, and steel products.
  • Filtering smoke from large power plants.
  • To work more towards reducing pollution internationally.
  • Keeping the mountain made of garbage in such a place where it will not have any effect on the common life.
  • All these are some large-scale measures that can be taken.

What will be the measures to prevent pollution at the individual level?

Personally, also you can make various types of efforts, by which you can contribute to preventing pollution.

You should put your efforts to save energy in your daily life.

You should try to reduce the consumption of oil as much as possible. Such as, use a car or a ship only when needed.

Carefully buying containers of gasoline.

Decomposing the waste generated in your garden by burying it in the ground and using it as manure.

Using flammable gases in place of wood.

Using electricity only when needed and turning it off if so needed.

To reduce as much as possible the journeys that can be made by car or car.

Using single-use plastic as little as possible.

To use recycled plastic instead of single plastic.

Using chemical elements as little as possible in normal life and not keeping chemical elements in the environment in the open, all can be some individual-level efforts that will help you to reduce pollution.

So in today’s essay, we have learned that what is pollution, how it is born, how many are its types, what are the reasons for causing all those pollution. And what can be the individual and institutional measures to stop them all.

We have given you information on all the issues.

We hope that you have got all the information regarding pollution prevention and pollution information.

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Q1 – What are the 4 main types of pollution?

A – The main 3 types of pollution – (1) Air Pollution, (2) Water Pollution, (3) Land Pollution, (4) Noise Pollution.

Q2 – What are the forms of pollution?

A – Chemical substances, noise, light, plastic, water pollution, heat, soil contamination, radioactive, visual, thermal, air, etc are the forms of pollution.

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