Top 6 OCR Scanning & Conversion Tools for Free

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Get ready to explore the best and full-fledged OCR programs that help you to extract text from images effortlessly and accurately. Our short-listed tools assist you in finding the perfect image text extractor for your needs. 

Top 6 OCR Scanning & Conversion Tools for Free

Things to Know!

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is referred to as the top-notch bridge between paperwork and digital files that makes work efficient and easier. These OCR-dependent tools mainly function to recognize, scan, and extract text embedded in photos and store it into a digital file. You can now swiftly boost your text extraction process by using an online image text extractor from a card scanner that is 100% free and easy to process. 


It is one of the super-fast file transformation programs that lets you proceed with batch file conversion for free. Just add the image file to extract text from photos including ID cards, photographs, tax forms, mortgage documents, etc. This Optical Character Recognition uses an advanced Artificial Intelligence module and deep learning process that spot text and different elements within photos and quickly pull them into accurate blocks. 

You can also proceed with Nanonets API, which is highly capable of building the same OCR process into your own programs. The great aspect of this OCR tool is that it allows you to make text extraction for thousands of files without any disruption.

Card scanner:

If you want to store your paper business cards in digital ones on iOS and Android devices, then this platform offers you the best OCR business card scanner application. In addition to these applications, it offers web-based online converters for text extraction including image to text, jpg to word, png to excel, jpg to pdf, and more. You can now extract text from images or scanned and standard PDF files and create its text file without any distortion. The most appealing reason to use this OCR application is that it is loaded with multilingual support. It is packed with an elegant user interface that lightens fast user experience. Unlike its counterparts, this image text extractor allows you to proceed with more than 15 for converting images to text. 

Besides that, you can get its pro plan to get the Ad-free OCR conversion experience and even you can unfold innumerable stunning features to boost your workflow. It is referred to as the one-stop solution for making Optical Character Recognition scanning and extraction free of cost. 

Free OCR:

As the name reveals that it is a fully free source that offers high-quality OCR-based file conversion. Although it is a free OCR tool, it still does not compromise the formatting and quality of the resultant file. The most considerable thing is that this open-source tool is powered by an optimized source named Tesseract. Also, its development has been sponsored by Alphabet Inc. Google systems since 2005. Start using its free image to text converter that quickly exports the image into a text file without any huge manual intervention. 

Moreover, there’s no need to choose the specific area to process OCR transformation as Tesseract itself detects text blocks and transforms them into an searchable and editable text file. And, if your goal involves scanning huge paper documents for digitization concerns, then it is referred to as one of the best image to text converters. 


This is indicated as the full-fledged and optimized API of FineReader from the source of Abbay. It is the ultimate source that lets you handle the bulk features including data extraction, text recognition, and different document conversion. Get its REST API that helps you to integrate this OCR tool with your desired application. 

Remember that this OCR-based tool is only accessible through the web as it is indicated as a cloud-based utility. Give a try to this powerful combination of document and workflow management systems to boost your OCR conversions. 

The Online Converter:

Its name clearly reveals that this is a web-based program that functions to make swift online file conversion. This platform entertains you with best and easy-to-process Optical Character Recognition tools that take a matter of seconds to make transformation. You can get its online image text extractor that uses an advanced OCR function to extract text from one or a couple of images into text files. Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about formatting and quality of the resultant file as it uses full-fledged AI-based OCR tools.  

Apart from OCR text extraction, users are able to make conversions for PDF, image, document, video, audio, and other files for free. No sign up and any installation process takes place, just make a drag and drop to proceed with  OCR-dependent conversions. 


Microsoft is referred to as the best source that not only assists you with voice recognition but also text recognition. OneNote by MS offers you the full-fledged capabilities of an OCR image text extractor through which you can recognize and extract text from photos. The upside is that it end-up with high quality OCR outcomes, the resultant file only gets worse when the embedded text is virtually unreadable even by humans. 

Remember that OneNote comes with a holistic cloud-based SaaS that mainly functions to increase productivity and workflow. If you consistently use Microsoft Office 365 pro plan, then you better know about the upsides of the OneNote OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function. 

Let’s Wind Up:

No matter whatever reason you have behind OCR scanning or conversions, the above-discussed tools make your work efficient. These tools provide you with high-quality and accurate OCR results while maintaining the original formatting. 

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