My School Essay In English for all Students 2024

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Looking for my school essay in English for class 1st to 12th students?

Here you will get the best essay on my school for your study and exams.

My school essay is very important for class 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th students.

My School Essay in English for all Students

My School Essay in English

For a person, the most important thing in his life is his education.

Because his education determines his future, it is often seen that if a person dedicates his life to acquiring education i.e. Knowledge, then that knowledge leaves no stone unturned to make that person’s life golden.

The early knowledge of a person’s early life starts from his home where his parents are his first teachers and after his parents, school is the place where a person spends most of his life.

In a school, a person acquires different types of knowledge due to different types of subjects, and by connecting all those links of knowledge; he achieves the education of his meaning.

That is why in today’s article I will give you information about my school, how was my ideal school? How was he supposed to be? What facilities were there, there were such educational and educational programs.

And what was the event related to different types of programs continuously?

How was my school?

I still remember that my school was not a very big school. It was a small school but he was as dear to me as his home.

I also think that whenever any great person gets the idea of ​​opening a school, they should think of making an ideal school, as my school was.

An ideal school does not allow any link of knowledge to be lost in the lives of the students, and an ideal school provides almost all kinds of inclusive education to the students that a student should have.

Such as good teachers, good books, and apart from all these, the knowledge outside the books should also be given to the students by the teachers.

I used to feel good in my school, that’s why I did not hesitate to go to that school to gain knowledge there.

My teachers were such that while teaching, they took care of those things which would not help in distracting the students from studies and the students should always invest their quality time in school so that their future could be golden.

My school had all the facilities which a school needs to have such as a library, a playground, a meeting hall, a playground apart from a small ground where all the students can gather, a school is full of academic and academic activities.

How was the library?

If I remember about that library in today’s time, I remember that the walls of the library were painted white, there the lights used to light a little less because there was a lot of light in the library due to sunlight.

If there is any kind of library in a school, then that library should be such that if a student wants to come to that library to study, then he can get all the books which he wants to read.

Whenever I could not get any books, I used to ask my librarian Shri Govind Nath Devvrat Sir to provide those books, and those books used to come in just one to two days.

If a student finds a book that he wants to read, then it is the job of the school’s administration to make arrangements for that book as soon as possible.

The school should have all the books which can help a student to get involved with his/her course.

My library was very quiet and sometimes I get bored with the peace there, but the library should be very quiet and should be in a place where there is not much noise because if it happens So the students can concentrate on their studies and I will not be able to distract my attention from the surrounding sounds.

How were the Playgrounds?

There were two grounds in my school, a sports ground, and meeting ground.

The playground was middle class, and we used to play Kabaddi with 12 friends there, for this we used to play by making boundaries with our imagination.

A playground should always be such in which the student can run during the game and the playground should not be too big and too small so that the student starts feeling lonely or too crowded in that playground.

The playground should have a lot of equipment and play equipment which can warn the students in advance about all the difficulties of life and those things were lacking in our school.

There should also be some toys or swings which have nothing to do with education in any way because talking about education all the time starts disturbing the mental level of the children and in the search for the future of the children, we are helping the children. Push the future into hell.

What were the academic programs?

Almost every week in my school there was some academic program or some event in which all of us students used to gather, sometimes Independence Day, sometimes Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, Lal Bahadur Shastri Jayanti, and many other great men’s birth anniversary and in addition to this.

World Animal Day, World Plantation Day is used to be organized in our school.

Academic programs in every school should be such that they can target the physical development of children in addition to education at all times.

The admission of the school in a school should be done properly with the administration of the concerned state, so that if any program is organized in the school on any big occasion, then any big person of the state, disturbing collector DM or big officials like IPS will come, to boost the morale of the students.

And ministers or ministers of state can come and give the knowledge of life to the students, which they will not get from books only.

The Security of My school

My school is as if a school has been showered with cameras, very high-security standards were considered and a lot of money was spent on security. As we see in the past, if the children are younger than school, they go with their parents while going home or go with the relatives of the children.

That is why some people take advantage of this and make kidnapping plans for children, and become relatives of children and go to pick them up from school, and later kidnap them.

That is why the school should have CCTV cameras, the school should have proper contact with the parents and there should be a new and strict rule to check the right relatives.

Under which any relative of a student can be properly investigated so that there is no danger of kidnapping of any kind of child in the coming future.

Parent-teacher meeting

I remember all those things today when the head teacher of my class used to talk to my parents to share information about my marks. And because of this, I used to feel bad because of this.

I knew from within that this is very important as well because parents should know how their children are studying. But one thing was happy that whenever the head teacher used to talk, it seemed that he was talking about my good and not doing my evil.

And it should be the same today as well. A school should be such in which the children studying can feel absolutely comfortable.

And the teachers who teach should get their studies done with full responsibility and handle their profession in a professional manner.

A master often slaps and beats his children with canes to teach them but when it comes to the profession, he does not keep any kind of dirt in his heart. And so was my teacher.


One more thing I remember about my school, where whenever I faced difficulties in my studies, my master did not believe in scolding me like any other teacher, he believed in explaining me in a psychological way.

And I like this very thing about them.

Whenever we remember our school, we remember it in only 2 ways- one because of how we are treated, and once we remember our college because of our friends. Nobody loves walls.

We often fall in love with the people who live inside the room and that’s why I loved my teacher so much because he was also a good mentor of mine.

My teacher did not talk to me abusively at all and was always ready to help me. It was as if a friend was helping another friend. But whenever I used to do evil, I used to get beaten up a lot. I still remember my school was like this.


This thing starts from where I got admission. At the time of admission, I remember when I was taking admission in class VI. At that time the head master had given me Cadbury Dairy Milk.

And he gave me this toffee because I was looking cute at that time. And I really liked the behavior of my principal at that time.

But as soon as I got admitted to the school, and started studying in the school, then I definitely saw a difference in the behavior of my principal, that he was a bit harsh. But he never did anything wrong. This harshness in his nature was due to his honesty.

It gives us a lesson that the administration of the school or college should always be honest.

No matter what the circumstance and my head master did not hesitate to scold me in the slightest. Wherever he found my mistake, he used to interrupt me.

And I have no shame in saying today that, because of his cane, his pampering, and his rebuke, whatever I am today, I am because of him.

The kind of rules and institutions that a school can have, I had seen all those forces in my student life.

I have no hesitation in saying that my school life was very good. And my friends, who I met in my school, still love me very much.

These are all the qualities that an ideal school should have and all these qualities were in my school and that is why I will always remember my school and I will always miss my school.

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