ITI Diesel Mechanic Course Details 2023: Syllabus, Subjects, Fees, Salary

Looking for ITI Diesel Mechanic Course Details?

It is the Best Vocational  ITI Course related to Machinery or vehicles like motors, tractors, trucks, buses, Trains, bikes, etc.

If you want a quick job after 1 or 2 years, you can go for the Diesel Mechanic Trade in ITI.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Course Details

ITI Diesel Mechanic Course Details

Main Key Points for ITI Diesel Mechanic

Eligibility Criteria10th pass from a recognized board
Course Duration1 year ( 2 Semesters )
Admission ProcessDirect / Merit Based
Course Fees1.5K – 3K ( Government Institute )
5K – 25K ( Private Institute )
Job ProfilesAuto Fitter, Mechanic, Auto Diesel Engine Mechanic, Laboratory Assistant, Diesel Engine Service Technician, Dealers Service Mechanic, Spare Parts Sales Assistant, Vehicle Operator etc.
Salary10K – 15K ( As a Fresher )
Age Limit14 -40 years
CertificatesSCVT & NCVT
Higher StudyPolytechnic Diploma
B.Tech, BCA
Government Organizations for a JobRailways, ONGC, NTPC, GAIL, SAIL, HPCL, Power Plants, Municipal Corporation etc.
Subjects1. Trade Theory
2. Employability Skills
3. Trade Practical

It is 2 years regular ITI course offered by Industrial Training Institute to train students to work at the industrial level.

The 1st year of the ITI Diesel Mechanic course is divided into two semesters, in its first semester and in the second semester you are given an academic period and training period.

In the first 6 months, you are given complete academic training, in which you have explained the complete academic system of the diesel mechanic course.

And in the next 6 months, its complete training course is done.

In the ITI Diesel Mechanic course, the students are provided knowledge about how to fix the alignment of a diesel engine, how to adjust it, and how to connect its deficiencies, apart from this, they are taught to maintain the mechanism.

Complete information is given about each and every part used in a diesel engine and in this way they are enabled to fit any motors.

This program of ITI, which is known as the Diesel Mechanic Course, is such a vocational training program that is conducted in different types of institutes all over India and some famous ITI institutes help people to get this course done.

Today, there is a lot of scope in the ITI Diesel Mechanic course due to which people do this program.

So if you are interested in repairing, maintaining, inspecting, and testing vehicles like trucks, buses, trains, bikes, motors, and many more you can go for this ITI course.

The students are provided knowledge about the various types of vehicles and their parts such as bikes, cars, tractors, trucks, trains etc.

ITI diesel mechanic course also prepares the students to work on a variety of vehicles and their parts such as bikes, trucks, cars, motors, trains, tractors, etc.

If you planning to join a diesel mechanic course then you should be physically fit and hardworking.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Eligibility

You should have a minimum qualification 10th class pass with Mathematics and Science.

You are eligible if you have passed the 10th class from a recognized board.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Admission Process

Direct / Merit Based

ITI Diesel Mechanic’s admission process depends upon the institute and states.

It is generally different for government institutes and private institutes.

And also it varies from one state to another state.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Course Duration

It is about 1 year ( 2 Semesters ) course.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Course is a regular 1-year course that includes 2 semesters.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Age Limit

The minimum age is 14 years and

The maximum age is 40 years

And if you are belonging to any reserve caste then you will get relaxation on age criteria.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Course Fees

ITI Diesel Mechanic Course fees vary according to each institute.

Rs.  1.5K – 3K as per institute or state ( Government )

Rs. 5K – 25K as per institute ( Private )

Certificates of ITI Diesel Mechanic Course

There are 2 types of certificates available that are NCVT and SCVT.

NCVT – National Council Vocational Training ( Recommended )

The NCVT certificate is a national-level certificate that can be used all over the country.

So if you are going to join ITI Diesel Mechanic then you should go for the NCVT certificate.

SCVT – State Council Vocational Training

The SCVT certificate is a state-level certificate that is limited to the state only.

You should only join SCVT if you do not get NCVT.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Apprentice

After completing of 1 year Diesel Mechanic course in ITI,

You can go for an apprenticeship in any auto manufacturing industry, Indian Oil, ONGC, or Railways to get good skills in this field.

If you join an apprenticeship you can also get a stipend of 5K – 10K in rupees.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Salary

ITI Diesel Mechanic’s salary depends upon the company and what knowledge you have.

As a fresher, you can expect Rs. 10K – 12K.

ITI COPA Course Details

ITI Diesel Mechanic Subjects and Syllabus

Trade Theory

1st Semester

  • Introduction to Engine
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Systems of Measurement
  • Hand and Power tools
  • Fasteners, Cutting Tools
  • Limits, Fits and Tolerances
  • Drilling, Taps and Dies, Reaming
  • Sheet Metal Working, Basic Electricity
  • Battery, Basic Electronics, Welding
  • Heat Treatment
  • Non-destructive Testing
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics.

2nd Semester

  • Diesel Engine Principle
  • Constructional Details
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Cooling System, Operation and Maintenance
  • Fuel and Combustion
  • Fuel System, Fuel Injection
  • Governors, Air Intake System
  • Exhaust System, Charging System
  • Starting System
  • Engine Performance Rating.

Engine operation

  • Introduction, Engine
  • 4 Stroke diesel engine
  • 4 stroke petrol engine
  • 2 stroke diesel engine
  • 2 stroke petrol engine.

Clutch – 

Functions of a clutch, Parts of the clutch, Friction plate, Functions of dumper spring, Structure and operation of the clutch, Duble D clutch.

Gear Box and Transfer Case – 

  • Transmission, Gear theory
  • The formula, Box, Types of Gear
  • Fast speed slow speed gear
  • Second speed gear
  • Third speed gear, Rivers gear
  • Constant-mesh gear, First gear
  • Second gear, Third gear
  • Fourth gear, Epicyclic gearbox.

Propeller shaft and Universal Joint – 

Types and disadvantages of the propeller, Universal joint, Types of universal joint, Slip joint.

Rear Axle and Differential –

Wheel, Tube and Tyre, Breaking system, Suspension system, Lubrication system, engine fuels.

Why Should I Choose ITI Diesel Mechanic ( Advantages )

There are many benefits to doing the ITI Diesel Mechanic course, such as-

  • Very easy to find a job, No need to study more like other courses, You can find a job near you.
  • Less expensive.
  • ITI courses are very useful in day-to-day life.
  • You can become self-employed by opening a garage for bikes, cars, trucks, and tractors and opening a shop for their parts.
  • Very easy to get admission to a nearby institute.
  • These are also Industry and job-oriented courses.
  • We can join after the 10th and 12th classes.
  • You can become a mechanic, auto fitter, vehicle operator, lab assistant pump operator, tool handler, etc.

Disadvantages of the ITI Diesel Mechanic course

There are also disadvantages to this ITI course

  • After doing the ITI Diesel Mechanic course, people have problems with job satisfaction.
  • The salary is less.
  • A lot of work has to be done.
  • The alternative of course is very much available, which is much better than this course.

ITI Diesel Mechanic Job Profiles

After completion of 1 year in a diesel mechanic, you can work as,

Auto fitterAuto diesel engine mechanic
Laboratory assistantMechanic
Diesel engine service technicianDealers service mechanic
Spare parts sales assistantVehicle operator

At Places like Auto manufacturing industries, test shops, assembly shops, Engine shops etc.

Career Options in Government Organizations

There are a lot of options to make a career in government organizations such as

  • Railways, ONGC, NTPC,
  • Municipal Corporations,
  • Hydropower plants,
  • Thermal power plants,
  • Nuclear power plants etc.

ITI Electrician Course Details

Required Skills

Creative and Innovative Skills

Creativity and innovative skills are the most important skills for ITI diesel mechanic students so you can use these skills in installing, maintaining, controlling, repairing, and operating various types of electrical devices such as electric fans, electric motors, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

These creative and innovative skills should have everyone not only ITI diesel mechanic degree holders because it helps to grow in every sector to create business and research new things.

Subjects Knowledge

If you want to achieve to go into the teaching area, want to study further, or want to go into field related industry then must have good knowledge of core subjects.

The students who want to score well in the exam then you should have good knowledge of all the subjects.

And core subject knowledge is very useful in interviews, group discussions, campus placement, and getting a job.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills

Critical thinking and problem skills, these skills are very important for all students to grow in life.

Critical thinking helps you to make a decision at the right time, bring new ideas to increase business and for self-growth, find a solution, create opportunities for yourself, and many more.

And problem-solving skills help a lot grow your business, it also creates opportunities to grow yourself and your business, and you can become a great leader.

As an ITI diesel mechanic student, you must have these skills.

Ability to work under Pressure

If you want to work in a company or any organization then you have to work under the pressure of a boss so you should have the ability to work under pressure.

As a fresher, you have to work under your boss or manager you have to remain calm in every situation, stay focused on work so this will help you a lot to grow yourself.

So if you want to do a job then prepare to work under pressure.

Teamwork and Collaboration Skills

After completing of ITI diesel mechanic course you will go for a job in any company then you have to work with your team members so you must have teamwork and collaboration skills.

Sometimes a company works on a big project at that time all the employees work with each other so at that time these skills prove very useful.

So teamwork and collaboration skills are very important in a company or everywhere where two or more people work with each other.

As an ITI diesel mechanic student, you must develop these skills.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skill is a very important skill for those who want to become a manager or a leader in a company or want to do their own business.

If you have leadership skills then you can make decisions easily, inspire people, motivate them, become honest, create a visionary, become a problem solver, a critical thinker, become judgemental, etc.

If you want to become a great leader then you must have this skill so that you can achieve the desired goal for you or a company.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are very important for everyone to do something big in life.

If you want to do a business, want to do a job, want to travel, or want to do anything communication skills play a vast role.

As an ITI Diesel Mechanic student, you must have these communication skills so that you can achieve whatever you want, you can fulfill your desire by improving your communication skills.

Good communication increases confidence, builds team, makes better relationships, increases engagement and productivity, handles conflicts, increases job satisfaction, increases problem-solving ability, improves presentation skills, builds trust, etc.

Higher Study 

After completion of ITI in Diesel Mechanic, you can also go for a higher study like

  • Polytechnic Diploma ( Mechanical, Automobile )
  • / BE ( Mechanical, Automobile )
  • CTI / CITS Course ( you can join If you are interested in teaching )

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Q1 – What is a diesel mechanic course in ITI?

It is an ITI Vocational 1 year trade related to vehicles and machinery like Engines of motor, trucks, bikes, buses, trains and many more.

Q2 – What is a Mechanic Diesel?

Diesel Mechanic repairs maintain and inspect types of machinery like Engines and parts of bikes, trucks, buses, trains, motors, ships, etc.

Q3 – How much money does a diesel mechanic make a year?

“It depends upon some factors like what you do. What do you do? How much do you have knowledge and Experience? Self-business is better than a job.

Q4 – Is diesel mechanics a good career?

Yes, Absolutely it is a good career because there are a lot of vehicles like bikes, motors, trucks, tractors etc. You can do self-business as well as a job.

Q5 – What exactly does a diesel mechanic do?

Diesel Mechanic repairs, maintain and inspect diesel engines of cars, tractors, trains, trucks and many more.

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