How to Choose the Best and Right College for Law 2024?

Looking for the best details to choose right college for law?

Studying law in a reputed college and starting a career in law is something that many students dream of in their lives.

There are 950 law colleges in India as of now, and every year with 4-5 lakh students studying every year.

Almost 60,000 to 70,000 law students start their careers as law professionals as per the 2021 report by the Bar Council of India. 

After completing BA-LLB, BBA-LLB, or Bachelors in Law, several well-paid career options are waiting for the student.

Choose right college for law

Best Way to Choose Right College for Law

Her you will get some best factors to choose right college for law


Before taking admission to a Law College, a student must check the curriculum that is being taught. 

The curriculum must be at par with the current scenario, market value and, of course, abide by the rules and guidelines by BCI. 

Also, total classroom hours per year, total hours spent for extra-curricular activities related to law. 


Whether a student plans to pursue higher education or start a career in law, a wide number of specializations should be offered. The most common specializations in the law sector currently are-

  • Civil Law
  • Tax Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Corporate law
  • Patent law
  • International law 

So, the students should ensure that their choice of specialization is available in the college before enrolling.

Faculty and student ratio

A good law college should have a good faculty and student ratio. Ideally, there should be one teacher for every ten students as per UGC rules, 2020. 


A good national ranking is a key factor while deciding to select a law college. But these criteria are just a block of a puzzle. Other factors cannot be overlooked while zeroing down to a college finally.


A well-equipped library is a must for being a good Law College. While selecting the course, a student must check if the law college library has enough law journals, law reports, or law e-books and offline books. 

Access to technology and books should not only be available in the library only but in the college campus also.


Before finalizing the college for studying LLB, a student must check if the colleges are properly affiliated or accredited. 

Clinical Program

This step is essential while selecting a college. If a law college is a good one and reputed, it must have Pro bono societies like legal aid cell, ADRS, moot court society, mock parliament, and research center in specified areas of law. 

These will help the students to get acquainted with their future jobs and responsibilities. 


While selecting the best law college in India, one should not ignore the location aspect. Though a good, national rank holder college will outweigh its location by its ranking. 

However, if the college is not that reputed, one needs to decide wisely regarding the location. 

A college near a city, post-education work scope, and a good life is necessary to look for while finalizing any law college. 

Also, a college in the same geographical area should be considered, or else too much time will be consumed for commute making the students tired.

Placement record of the last five years

A reputed Law College should offer a good placement to its students over the years. 

So, while searching for a good Law College, one should check the last five years’ placement record thoroughly and decide if the college has placed enough students till now. 

The students should ensure that they will get a good and lucrative career prospect post having a degree from any particular college.

Notable Alumni

Though not a very important factor still, this point shouldn’t be overlooked. Notable alumni from any college show that the education quality of the college is as per the industry, and the scope of getting a good career is high.

Financial aid

This is probably one of the most important factors while choosing a law college. Almost 75-80% of colleges have course fees of approximately 1-4 lakhs. 

However, a reputed college may have a high fee. Still, at the same time, there should be some financial aid or scholarship available so that the financially backward students can get an opportunity to study law and start a good career.

Internship options

The internship option is another factor that is very important while choosing the best law college in India. An industrial interface is a well-sought factor for every law student, and a good college must have that feature.

Competitions won by the college

A good Law college should have participated in several inter-college competitions like debates and secured a good position. 

This credential of a college implies that the faculty and student quality in the college are quite good and can be considered for admission.

Is the cost justifying your future career?

The cost of different Law Colleges is different. Though a college’s cost should not influence a student, the college should still be reputed enough to justify the cost related to his/her future career. If the students find a college too good and fulfil all criteria, they should try finding out options for scholarships.

Stress level

One factor that should also be taken care of is the stress level the law college imparts on its students. A certain level of stress is good to motivate the students to do better in their academics, but beyond that, stress can be a silent killer. So, decide and try to evaluate for the present and past students to understand the stress level.

The Takeaway

Studying law as a graduation course in India is a great option not for future career prospects but overall dazzling. A fresh graduate in law can start a career in law at Rs 20k/month as per Indeed that can go above Rs 50k/month.

So, it’s the right decision a student makes while selecting the college that accomplishes all requirements. 

Being emotional while selecting any college is not a good idea, rather creating a checklist with each of these above points and mark as “Yes” when they fulfill the criteria will help them finalize the best college for their LLB Course.

Some of the top professions after completion of LLB are-

  • Advocate
  • Government services
  • Legal advisor
  • Judiciary
  • Teaching
  • Legal outsourcing
  • Private companies
  • Higher education
  • Teaching

There are several national and state-level exams in India to get the key to enter any law course. After 

Some good universities like BML Munjal University even host a Mock CLAT test for students who are preparing for CLAT. 

Once one clears the entrance examination, the next step is to select the right college to get a good education and par with the current market requirement and market standard.

Example- Karnataka Salary Bonanza as per the year 2017.

So, let us find out the top features that every Law College in India should have, and the students must check them before enrolling with any one of them. 

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