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Essay on women empowerment in English for Students

Essay on Women Empowerment

What is Women Empowerment?

The process of empowering women is called women empowerment. Its definition is very simple.

But its main aim and goal are that those women who have been deprived of those rights or have been deprived of their abilities because of being women only, which they should get, then they should get those rights and make them aware of their powers. The name of the process itself is women empowerment.

In today’s time, where society is seen from the perspective of patriarchal thinking, the same importance is given to the work done by women.

In today’s time, those women who have been oppressed by society have been deprived of all the opportunities which they should have got.

For women who have been oppressed and oppressed by any person or by any group just because of being a woman or because of being a girl, women empowerment is the weapon with the help of which they can achieve that right to which he is entitled. And the right is always obtained.

No one can give any rights to anyone. Right is taken away only then it is received.

This has been seen in very few places where women are given rights of their own free will. Rather, women or men are everywhere and everyone has to take away their rights.

Whenever we talk of freedom, then economic freedom is the biggest freedom.

When any person gets financial freedom, then he starts getting all his remaining rights. This has been seen many times, so in women empowerment, hard work is done in making women prosper and in making women aware of their capabilities.

Why is women empowerment needed?

Women empowerment is a very important topic of discussion today. Whenever we talk about giving freedom to a person, then we permit them or give them opportunities that they can make themselves financially independent or empowered. So that they can gain all the control with the help of which they can subjugate the authority which they deserve.
The need for women’s empowerment in this field increases because women have been harassed for a long time and deprived of their rights. And this is kept only because she is a woman.
There can be many other reasons behind this, but her being a woman is considered to be the biggest reason.
In many areas of society even today women have to face discrimination because of this. Because they are women. That is, they have to face gender discrimination. Women are paid less for the same tasks as men, and their participation in any major task is not appreciated, but only for being in the kitchen to cook and clean.
There is no right to go to work and all those rights which are easily available to a man are taken away from him. Because women are not considered equal to men in many areas of society, there is also a need for women empowerment, so that women can be considered equal and equal to men and at least they can be considered as human beings.
Today’s society needs women’s empowerment the most, because in today’s society every country is thinking of advancing itself and until women and men do not work together in the country. Till then that country will never be well. And the country will never be able to move forward, that society will never be able to move forward, that house will never be able to move forward.
Getting the rights of ordinary human beings also comes in the rights of women. And the main objective of Women’s Empowerment is to get a woman to get the rights of a normal human being so that women can also get the same education as men. They can get equal status in society and they can get respect economically and politically.
It is essential for women to be loyal to their color, to their religion, to their work. and feel proud of them. And never have to feel ashamed because of their gender.
There was a time when women did not even have the right to vote. But women also agitated many times and got their right to vote. It is this ability that empowers her that she can do anything.
Women to make girls realize that they are not less than any other man or person in any category but are equal to them and she can do all the work that any other person can do similar empowerment Women empowerment is called and there is a need for the process of women empowerment to make it aware of this.

How can women’s empowerment be defined?

Women empowerment can be defined in different dimensions. It’s very first definition is that-

“Women empowerment is to make women aware of their abilities. And we can understand this with an example, which is taken from Bhagwat Gita, where Lord Shri Krishna is making Arjuna aware of his abilities. And making him aware on the battlefield that he is a part of Lord Krishna himself and is capable of doing all the things he thinks he is capable of.”

Similarly, women’s empowerment can also be defined as to “make women, girls, girls aware that they are not less than men in any case and not less than any other personality. He is equal to all. And he is entitled to all the rights that he should have and he is also entitled to all the obligations that he will get with those rights.”

“Giving women the right to earn equally, giving women the right to vote equally, giving women the right to equal pay, giving women all the same rights which are given to a man, then this The process and this thinking is called the thinking of women empowerment.”

“Women empowerment can also be defined in such a way that empowers women in all dimensions is called women empowerment. That is, empowering them to do all those things which they feel that they cannot do because they are women. And the process of breaking this conservative thinking is called women empowerment.”

“The process of giving women equal status in the society with men is called women empowerment. Women empowerment never means that the process of giving women equal status in the society with men is called women empowerment.”

“Women empowerment never means that women are more successful than men, and can do more things than men, or in any case more than men, but women empowerment is a symbol of equality. In which women are described as equal to all and not mentioned below any person or personality.”

How can women’s empowerment be done?

Women empowerment can be done in many ways, some of them are as follows-

Economic Empowerment

Economic empowerment is the biggest way of empowerment for any person. That is if any person or any person has to be made strong and strong, then if they are made financially strong and prosperous, that person becomes empowered in himself.

This is the meaning of agricultural economic empowerment for women. And there are various reasons for this as well. The biggest reason for this is that even in today’s time, in many places, women get less salary and honorarium than men. While they also have the same.

A way can be found to bring women at par with men because of economic empowerment. The importance of power can be understood from the self-sufficient personality. If a person wants to be self-reliant, then he needs to be financially self-sufficient.

There is only one such person who can make his own decisions for himself and no other person should get a chance to decide for him. For this, the most important thing is that a person should be financially strong, and be financially independent. That is, if he does not need to give any other person’s earnings, then the person is called financially strong and independent. And only a financially independent person can take decisions for himself and if a person makes decisions for himself then that person has moved towards self-empowerment.

Political Empowerment

Political empowerment means that any person can get the opportunity to participate in politics in the same way as he gets such persons and should meet. In political empowerment, making policies equal for all living beings, without any gender discrimination, for all individuals, is also called political empowerment.

Under political empowerment, men and women are kept in the same family.
Under political empowerment, women get equal political benefits as compared to men.

Digital Empowerment

Digital empowerment in women empowerment means that women can get the opportunity to express themselves and present themselves on the digital platform, in the same way as any other person or other men get.

Self Empowerment

Self-empowerment is based on self-reliance. If a person wants to move towards soul empowerment, then it is first necessary for the person that the person can become self-reliant. Because only a self-sufficient person can feel pride in himself, and when a person feels proud then that person can make decisions for himself and also for people like him. And can formulate policies for equality. And when a person is successful in doing this, then that situation is called a situation of self-empowerment.

Cultural Empowerment

The kind of empowerment women are getting in today’s time regarding culture is very appreciable. Because in Indian culture, women also have the right to rule and it has also been seen by women on many occasions that women rule and rule much more than men.

Cultural empowerment means that a woman can achieve the same kind of respect in society and country that a man does. And culture in India gives equal rights to women and men, and the importance of culture is that they make them feel proud. Some of these may prove to be exceptions, but most of the above culture and tradition give a sense of pride in Indian philosophy, and in this, we can see the equal contribution of women and men.

Business Empowerment

From the terminology of business power, we can understand that giving women the same freedom to do business as men and giving them respect in the same way as men are given is called business empowerment.

What kinds of obstacles do women go through?

When we talk about women’s empowerment in a debate, it sounds very fashionable to hear and it seems that we are talking about a new era. But even today, when we go into the lives of women, we get to know what kind of filth women face.

Women have been facing such troubles since time immemorial, which if a person has to face, then that person will go absolutely insane. For example, when a girl was asked what kind of obstacles she goes through, she was asked to do a small task, she said that you create a fake account of a girl on Facebook, you will know what we pass through troubles.

The exploitation of women online abuse from the problem of gender discrimination in today’s time, they are Facing the Rape, Facing Dowry System, Facing Mental and Physical Abuse, Facing Acid Attack, Facing Child Marriage, Being Killed in Childhood, Found in Highest Figures in Honor Killing, Victimization, Cyber-stalking, Online Pornography, Sexual Harassment at Workplace, Low PayScale, Domestic Violence, Gender Discrimination, Less Placement in Decision-Making Bodies. Facing patriarchal society, having fewer people to talk about women, facing sexism, racism, and economic inequity, facing trauma center feminism, not getting equal rights, equal respect Failure to find a career and marriage, there are many other such things and there are such filth or things that women are facing in today’s time.

What is the contribution of education to women’s empowerment?

In today’s time, there is a huge contribution in the empowerment of women, the contribution of women through education is as follows-
Women feel more empowered through education because they feel that they know about things that they did not know about before.
Due to education, women know about their rights, they become aware of their rights.
Due to education, women can know how to achieve their rights, it is not a big deal to know about rights. But knowing the way how to get the rights is a big deal.
This path can be achieved only through education.
Due to education, people become aware to empower women in society and they come to know that women are not a burden on them.
Due to education, awareness comes in the society that women are not sex slaves but they are also human beings who should get equal status as normal human beings.
Today, education has strengthened women more and made men aware of understanding women’s rights.
Getting education by women helps them to advance in their careers. Helps them to choose their career. Moreover, it also encourages them to stand on their own feet. Women empowerment through education seems to be a possible impossible story.

What is the contribution of the internet to women’s empowerment?
In today’s time internet has a huge contribution to women’s empowerment.
In today’s time, through the Internet, women can speak all those things and put their thoughts in front of other people which they could never put out.
The Internet has provided equal opportunities to men as well as women without any gender discrimination.
Getting women to the Internet is an example of women’s empowerment in, the Internet plays a big role in women’s empowerment, wherewith the help of the Internet, women can tell their kisses in front of the people, whoever they want in the morning. would not go.
Today, women can use the Internet to communicate their words to thousands of millions of people. Knowledge can be acquired with the help of the internet. You can get an education with the help of the internet. And with the help of education, women can achieve empowerment.
This contribution has been made in the empowerment of women through the Internet itself and there are many other examples of such empowerment which have been given to women through the Internet.
The Internet has come as an angel in today’s time for women empowerment, which has played a full role in empowering women.

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