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essay on trees in English for all students

Essay on Trees In English

In today’s time, as much as it is necessary for humans to breathe, the need for trees is as important for the earth. Human beings are being born in very large quantities.

For the health of all of them, it is also necessary to have such a large quantity of trees.

Trees give us life-giving breath and as a human, we should try that we can take care of our source of life, and preserve them as much as possible so that the coming generations do not abuse us for this because we have not abused them.

Not even a place to breathe is left.

In today’s article, we will give you deep knowledge about reservation and need of tree also we will provide you the importance of it.

For today we will tell you how many types of trees are there, where are the most trees on earth, what should be done to save trees, what are the uses of trees, and in relation to this, in the end, we will tell you that we What new methods can be adopted to save trees?

What are the uses of trees?

If we start knowing the uses of trees, then we will have to spend many lives for it.

We get many benefits from trees.

We have classified the benefits due to trees in some way and today we will present some such classification in front of you-
No one has to sleep hungry because of trees.

If someone has a fruit tree, then that person does not sleep hungry.

Trees give us different types of food. Mango, Papaya, Grapes, Lemon, apple, blackberry, Strawberry are the names of many such fruits which trees give us.

Trees protect the land from becoming barren and guard our land.

Due to trees, we are able to breathe because trees provide us with oxygen and absorb the carbon dioxide emitted by us.

Trees give us life by controlling the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Due to trees, different types of people can live together, and the tree has the ability to integrate all the animals and animals in itself and protects all equally, that too without any discrimination.

Due to trees, we get wood which is useful for us in different types of businesses.

It is useful for us in the doors of our house, in the table, in the chair, in the video and for burning the wood of trees for various reasons.

Trees cause rain. If there is a tree then there will be no rain. Where there are more trees, there is more rain, where they are not there, there is no rain. This is the law of nature.

Due to the tree, a living being maintains its mental balance, and it absorbs absolutely positive vibes inside itself.
Due to trees, we get different types of medicines which save our life.

How many types of trees are there?

Friends, if we take information about the calculations done about the posts today, then we will come to know that at present, there are more than 3,74,000 tree plant species located in the whole world.

From the time of the formation of the earth till today, there have been some plant species that have become extinct today because they have not been handled properly, and more than 374000 tree plant species are different for humans.

Everyone is successful in their work and as human beings, we should handle them.

Which country / Place is mostly covered by Trees?

It is a valid question and it is also important for you to know that which is the place in the whole world where there are mostly trees and plants?

So in today’s time, Russia is a country which has the highest number of trees in the world.

Today, more than 3 trillion tree plants are located in the whole world. And 642 billion of these are located in Russia only.

That is why we can say that Russia is the largest green place in the world and according to many reports Sweden is considered to be the greenest place but the number of trees and plants is highest in Russia.

In terms of tree plant count, Russia has a very big amount of shares in trees of the world of 642B.

after Russia, Canada has 318B, Brazil has 302B trees and the United States of America has 228B of trees [B- Billion], besides China 140 billion, Democratic Republic of Congo 100 billion, Indonesia 81 billion and Australia at 77 billion and if we talk about India today, only 35 billion trees are located in India, which is very less in terms of area.

How to protect trees?

Many methods of conserving trees are available on the internet but today we will tell you in brief how you can save trees.
There can be some ways to save trees such as-

  • Useless products made from trees.
  • Use recycled tree products.
  • Eat less meat, eat more vegetables.
  • Do not cut trees without talking and try to grow more and more trees.
  • If you see a place near you, then definitely plant a tree there.
  • Do not use such machines which will eventually push the tree plants towards destruction.
  • Do not pour different types of chemicals or bad water into the roots of trees.
  • If the trees are sick in any way, then try to save that tree.

These are some of the ways in which you can give protection to the trees so that the tree can give you protection in the end.

We hope that you have understood how trees are related to our life, how they give us everything along with giving us life-giving breath.

If you liked today’s article, then please share this article as much as possible, and grow a tree around you today.

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