Essay on My Best Friend in English for all Class Students 2024

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Essay on my best friend in English

Essay on My Best Friend in English

Friendship is the only relationship in the whole world that we choose from ourselves, no one can impose it on us, we are the owner of this decision.

A human’s life is surrounded by many ups and downs, and he needs some people in the journey of his life whom he can trust completely, and can say everything in his heart, without any such worries.

That his heart will be ridiculed, or it will not be understood.

Many times it happens that we choose the wrong friends due to which our life gets ruined because we expose ourselves to a person who is not right for us in any way.

And he can never think well for us, seeing his appearance, we get confused many times, and consider him as our friend, which is completely wrong.

We understand this thing after a very long time that friendship is made with thoughts, friendship made according to need does not last long, and such friends do not support for long.

My name is Vaishnav Deshmukh and today I will tell you what kind of friends I made in my life, what kind of moments I have spent with my friends, and what is happiness that I get through my best friend.

In today’s essay, I will tell you what is the true definition of a friend, and what types of friends should be, what qualities should be in friends, what are the qualities in my friend, what is my experience with them are.

Today I will give you complete information about all these. I hope you like this information.

Who is a friend?

Friendship is a relationship that we look for in our life to find happiness and truth. A true friend always brings joy to our hearts, and also makes us aware of many harsh truths.

A friend supports us in our bad times and becomes our partner in our good times.

A friend is a person in front of whom you can say many things of your mind, which you cannot say to an unknown person or even to a person you know.

Friendship is that special relationship that is not a relation of blood but is more than blood.

If we want to define friendship, then we can define it as a relationship in which a person is sitting in front of us and even if there is no talk between us, we are happy to know that he is sitting nearby. Yes, this relationship is called friendship.

Why is it important to have friends?

Having a friend is a very important element in a human’s life, and within this element, a person can achieve peace of mind by having a friend.

A person can spend thousands of lakhs of crores of rupees to achieve his peace of mind, but there is no guarantee that he will get peace of mind even after spending money in person.

But if we get a true friend in our life, then the chances are 1000 times more than that person will create peace and happiness in his life.

A true friend can calm our mind and only his friend can bring out a person who has gone into depression due to trouble.

It is not necessary to give money to maintain the friendship, but it is very important to give your time.

If a person is ready to give his time to you, and because of that your mental anguish gets peace, then that person is your friend.

A person does various types of pranayama, does penance, and spends his energy on other ways to get peace in his life, but the person who is not able to keep his mind calm, then at that time a friend It can calm the mind of that person.

That’s why a friend is always needed by a person in his life.

Many times it is also said that not only man but God also needs friends because friends make life easier.

What are the well-known qualities of a good friend?

There is no special category of being a friend, nor is there any special trait that a friend should have.

If you feel good talking to a person and your mind is at ease, then that person deserves to be your friend, whether it is a girl or a boy.

If you feel satisfied talking to him, then that person should make you his friend.

Friendship has no rules, no boundaries. It is determined by itself.

And it is broken by itself, but still, some such symptoms are found which are in a friend.

The biggest trait in a friend is that he blames you on your face, and neither listens nor does your evil in front of any other person because if a friend is doing evil to you in front of someone else So that person cannot be your friend.

There is a big difference between being knowledgeable and being a friend. Often people consider a knowledgeable person as their friend, which is a big mistake in itself.

We share information with thousands of people, but we make friends only a few people because we see our ax in that friend.

One of the biggest signs of friendship is that if a friend is doing evil to you, then you also see your goodness hidden in it.

If you feel that your friend, who is doing evil to you, does not benefit you in any way and he is doing evil to you only to humiliate you, then brother cannot be your friend.

The greatest quality of a friend is that he wants the well-being of his friend, and is ready to do anything for him.

A friend does not always leave his friend’s side in his time of sorrow and if he leaves with him then you cannot be a friend of anyone, because we make the relation of friendship with ourselves, and it is our promise to ourselves that we will stick to this promise of ours.

If someone breaks his promise and breaks the relationship made by him without any reason, or if he sees his friend in a situation of trouble and breaks this relationship, then that person is not a friend but worse than an enemy is.

You should stay away from such a lowly person and never trust him again in life.

A friend always understands your situation and advises you to act according to it, and not only gives advice but also supports you in doing that work in which you are good.

A friend will never advise you to do the wrong thing, and will never advise you to do something that is bad for you.

A friend will stop and stop you from doing everything in which you can put yourself in trouble.

How can a friend make you happy?

A friend can give you happiness in different ways.

Due to a friend, you can tell all the things on your mind to your friend, due to which the burden of your mind becomes lighter, and you can focus more on your work.

A friend always stops you from doing bad things, and he stops you from doing everything that is not to your advantage.

A friend always jokes with you and always seems to make you laugh, he always tries to laugh in front of you, so that you can forget all your sorrows and be happy.

A friend stands with you in every situation and does not leave your side even in bad situations, and celebrates it by joining you in good situations.

A friend considers your family as his family.

A friend helps you convert your weaknesses into your strengths.

You can rest assured because of a friend.

Because of a friend, you can think that if something ever happens to you, your friend will always support your family.

You can sleep peacefully because of a friend.

A friend always stands by your school, college, or your support and stands in front of you by taking care of you in case of any kind of trouble.

Where can I find friends?

Friends can be found anywhere in life, they do not have any special place.

To get a true friend, you have to be a true friend yourself, we have many friends and we are also friends of many people.

If we stay with our friends with loyalty, then we also get friends who are loyal to us.

At the beginning of childhood, we can find friends anywhere in our family, in our school, in our college, in our office, and not necessarily at all these places, you can find a friend at any point in life at any time.

What we should consider being a good and trustworthy friend?

If we want true friends in our life who stand with us in every situation, then we also have to show ourselves as true friends, because if a person cannot become a true friend himself, then he can never get a true friend in his life.

To become a true friend, you must have some qualities such as-

You should be true to your promise, whoever you consider being your friend, should never tell such a lie that may harm him in the long run.

You should always be faithful to the words of a friend.

You should always consider your friend’s family as your family and always keep your boundaries in mind.

There is never a division of boundaries in friendship, but sometimes it is already set, which we should understand and follow them.

In friendship, a friend never tells his limits to another friend, we do not understand these limits ourselves.

A true friend never lets you lose the battle of life, it is not necessary that you talk to your friend daily, but whenever you talk to your friend, he should feel that everything is going well in life or Going to do.

He should be hope, never your friend should be disappointed because of you.

And one of the most important qualities is that under no circumstances should your friend be left in trouble.

If you have to fight even till your last breath, then you should fight for your friend, because if a true friend will not fight for his friend then he will never be able to trust friendship.

If your friend is on the wrong path then it is very important to stop him, it is the duty of a true friend and never supports his friend in his wrong fight, but he should also stop him from fighting that fight.

So in today’s essay, we have learned what is friendship, how friends make our life cheerful, what the qualities a friend should have been, what are the qualities we should have to become a true friend, what are our responsibilities as friends, and where can we find true friends.

Today we gave you information about all these things.

We hope that you have liked today’s essay on my best friend.

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