Essay on Global Warming in English for Class 1st to 12th Students 2024

Looking for the essay on global warming in English for class 1st to 12th students?

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This global warming essay is very important for class 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th students.

Essay on global warming in English for students

Essay on Global Warming

Why is global warming such a big issue?

In today’s time, global warming is such an issue that is becoming bigger day by day in the coming time.

Global warming is a major cause of climate change. If we want to understand global warming, first we have to understand climate change.

Climate change means that the changes taking place in the environment around us, such as less cooling of winter, increase in summer, due to which different types of crops grow, and life on earth is disturbed. It happens.

Climate change simply means that we can deduce that the unwanted change in the climate is called climate change.

There are many reasons for climate change, in which the biggest reason is global warming.

Global warming has all the causes inherent in itself. Various types of campaigns have been started to stop global warming.

And the biggest objective behind stopping global warming is to give our race a good earth heritage in the coming times.

In the last several thousand years, we have heated this earth very much.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this was that people were not so much aware of global warming, but today we know global warming, the consequences of global warming, and what is causing global warming. We also know the reason. That is why more responsibility falls on our shoulders.

What can be the causes of global warming?

There can be many reasons for global warming, such as-

Our huge interference in the sea and hunting more fish than necessary

Fish is the largest protein source of humans, and to achieve this idea, people hunt fish in excessive quantities.

And catch fish, due to which the diversity of fish in the sea has decreased today, which can ruin the marine life system. And due to this global warming is also increasing.

Because today there are about 38000 gigatons of carbon present in our ocean, which helps to keep the marine environment warm. And these fish help in the dissolution of carbon.

If there is a shortage of fish in the sea, then this heat will start melting more glaciers inside it, which is the worst face of global warming.

Manufacturing and using large quantities of industry

Excess oil is used in the manufacturing of industries. Excessive human potential is used up, and potential causes extreme global warming, which is very harmful to humans.

The increase of industry in excessive quantity is very harmful to human beings. Because according to the way people are getting industrialized today, that industry will not allow people to live in the coming time.

And due to the industry, a large area is being made barren, which will neither be useful for agriculture nor there ever a forest there.

Making the forest land suitable for cultivation and cutting of forests in an uncontrolled manner

It is very important for the land to be fertile for agriculture. And nowhere can one find more fertile land than a forest.

That is why forests are being cut down and made fit for cultivation. In today’s time, people are not even trying to understand this growing pain in excessive quantity.

Farming is done to provide food grains to the people, but for this, an excessive amount of trees are being cut, which will not give people even breath to live.

Due to trees, there is the dissolution of carbon on the earth, that is, trees and plants absorb carbon, due to which the heat on the earth increases in a small amount.

But if we break such a shield, then the heat on the earth will start increasing very fast, which will not even have forests to stop it and the remaining few forests will not be enough for this. The reason for this is very big.

Uncontrolled population growth is the biggest cause of global warming

Mainly the uncontrolled population growth gives rise to all the accidents happening on the earth.

And the idea of ​​all the bad work is that the population on the earth is increasing almost uncontrollably.

Only India and China together produce how many children in 1 year which is very scary. Together these two remove many countries.

But after producing so many human beings, resources are also needed to handle all three, which are not available on the whole earth.

And in order to extract these resources in some way or the other, the dangers of global warming are ignored, because the consequences of global warming will be seen in the coming few years or in a few thousand years.

But people cannot stop their population growth in the present time, and its result will be seen in a very dire form in the coming times, where people would be slitting each other’s throats to get resources.

Car motor smoke coming out of car motors and their heat causing global warming

In today’s time, the trend of car motors has increased a lot. Every year lakhs of motorcycles and lakhs of cars are bought and used.

Large amounts of oil are exploited to use, which in itself is a major cause of global warming.

A lot of carbon is released from the Dubai of the car motor, which contaminates the atmosphere and heats our air, due to which the heat in the atmosphere increases by a few percent, which spreads at a rapid rate to the air of the whole earth.

It sounds a bit strange to hear but its results are very terrifying.

Extraction of oil from the ground

Removal of an uncontrolled amount of oil from the ground for its need is the reason for the pollution of 30% methane pollution and 8% carbon dioxide present on earth.

The release of oil heats the land, and also severely contaminates the surrounding environment, which uncontrollably promotes global warming.

Setting up large scale power plants and generating electricity

Fossil fuel is used to run the power plant and the burning of the school itself releases many such pollutants which pollute the environment.

And in the environment around us, such pollutants together heat our climate and also contaminate the drinking water.

Only 46% of the carbon emissions on Earth are due to power plants. Today, power plants are slowly killing the earth. To run a power plant, coal also has to be burned, which directly promotes global warming.

Raise a mountain of filth

The way Madhav is raising the mountain of bandages today is very scary. Because mountains of such dirt take a lot of time to decompose in them, and after being decomposed, they secrete such dangerous and deadly gas, which heats the atmosphere horribly.

And together in our environment contribute to global warming.

The only and only human hand is behind creating the mountain of filth, because humans today generate the largest amount of waste for packaging, for food, for jumping goods, and for many other items.

Uncontrolled use of single-use plastic

The plastic we use in today’s time, and the single-use plastic we use uncontrollably when it goes to the garbage dump or goes to the garbage can.

Then during the decomposition of other wastes, a powerful greenhouse gas is also released from the plastic, and how this very dangerously increases global warming.

And it also pierces the ozone layer above our atmosphere.

Due to which it comes with a very good grace to send it to the sun on the earth and destroys the atmosphere on the earth.

Cutting down green forests and destroying large forests

Deforestation itself is a catastrophic step because the amount of carbon present in the earth’s atmosphere cannot be reduced by the cutting of forests, and there is no other way that can reduce the amount of carbon present on earth like plants.

Miraculously reduce the amount, and if the amount of carbon present on the earth is not reduced, then this amount of carbon on the earth increases the temperature of the earth at a very rapid rate, which helps to melt the mountains of glaciers located at the poles of the earth.

And because of this, the sea level rises, which leads to many devastating natural disasters.

Excessive use of oil and gas

Oil and gas are used in every industry today, it is used in every vehicle, production electricity is used everywhere.

Today, if we do not use oil or gas, then even the worst option we use is coal, which directly heats the atmosphere, and directly we have to face the climate problem.

What can be the consequences of global warming?

Global warming can have physical developmental consequences, which include the following:

The temperature of the ecosystem around us rises.

When the temperature around us increases, then the varieties of agriculture for our food also start deteriorating.

And our life shield starts breaking down.

When the temperature of our surroundings increases, it does not allow our environment to be habitable for us. And we cannot live in that environment.

Millions of species of animals are on the verge of extinction due to global warming.

Due to global warming, there are many such species that are on the verge of extinction.

Some species of organisms survive only at a certain temperature, if the temperature increases beyond that, then that species automatically dies.

And many such species are dying every year because we are increasing the temperature of the earth a few centigrade every year, due to which millions of species are being destroyed.

Due to global warming, our environment is affected and the environment directly affects our food and agriculture.

Whatever we have for our food, we often get it through agriculture, and it has a direct effect on agriculture due to global warming. And our food items start getting contaminated or they stop growing.

It also has a direct effect on our drinking water.

It has a direct effect on drinking water because when global warming occurs, many harmful polluted gases get into the atmosphere, and only after the atmosphere is directly mixed with water, which contaminates the water, and is poisonous. makes. And that water is no longer fit for drinking. In this way, it has a direct effect on the water.

Glaciers start melting due to which the sea level rises.

The melting of glaciers is the most catastrophic result that we get to see due to global warming, because glaciers have very large mountains which, if they melt, raise the sea level very rapidly.

And when the sea level rises, the rivers start flooding. And the cities and villages living around the rivers get ruined with a certain effect, they get ruined.

Due to the increase in heat in the environment, it has a bad effect on our health.

When the heat in the environment increases, our body falls ill because our body is not used to tolerating more than a certain amount of heat.

It can be understood from many examples that if a person living in cold is suddenly kept in heat, then he falls ill immediately.

Similarly, when the heat suddenly increases in the atmosphere, then due to this it has a very bad effect on our city.

Due to its adverse effect on the environment, strong winds start blowing, storms start coming, floods, cyclones, tsunamis start coming, and this directly affects our homes.

Due to global warming, has an opposite effect on various factors and that opposite effect gives rise to consequences like storm flood cyclones, tsunami, which can end the entire life of species including humans in a way worse than any genocide.

Disruption of marine life with destruction of Marine Corps.

Seawater life depends on Marine Corps. And much marine life depends on other marine life. Big fish eat small fish, and small fish eat crops.

And if when the crops are over, then as a result of this small fish will start dying on their own. And later there will not even be born in excessive quantities.

And since it is not born, then the big fish will not have small fish to eat. And in the same way, when life in the sea will continue to be busy.

Then the amount of carbon in the ocean will increase very quickly and there is a possibility of catastrophe.

What can we do on the ground to stop global warming?

To prevent global warming,

We can save energy at our home at the ground level.

When we save electricity at our home and use less electricity or use less fuel, then energy will be of less use to us.

For this, the effort of making our energy will also have to be reduced and if all people start doing this, then less energy will be produced, which in a way can be our step against global warming.

Instead of a motorcycle or other car, we can travel by cycle or on foot.

When we use a bicycle instead of a motorcycle or do our work by walking, it will save fuel.

And the energy and heat that is used to remove fuel from the earth will be saved, which will be the second big step against global warming.

Can convert to vegetarianism instead of non-vegetarian and do not travel when not needed

When we are in place of non-vegetarian food and use vegetarianism more, then this will have a direct effect on global warming, and the possibilities of seeing the terrible consequences of global warming will start decreasing.

Never throw less food, give it to someone else.

Whenever we have food left or if the food becomes more, then it should never be thrown away, or the leftover food should not be thrown away.

Because fuel is used to make that food and consumption is also high, due to which, global warming increases.

If we do not do this, then another factor of global warming will be reduced.

Use items that you can reuse. and recycle them.

Items that can be recycled should be used more because items that are recyclable or items made from single-use plastic can be recycled.

Using them protects the earth from its internal heat. Because how does plastic go into the earth and generate various types of harmful from the heat of the earth, which can make the earth bulge.

The energy provided by the sun should be used in the house.

Solar energy should be used the most and conventional energy sources should be used sparingly. Which in a way will be our biggest campaign against global warming, and the graph of global warming will start coming down very rapidly.

Now instead of petrol, the electric vehicle should be used.

It would be more correct to use electricity than petrol because the amount of one petrol that causes global warming does not generate electricity.

That is why we should also reduce the use of electricity, but instead of petrol, we can use electricity.

Eco-friendly products should be used.

We should use such products which if we do not use much and throw it away, then it gets decomposed in no time and gets mixed in the ground.

After this, the land should not have to see any kind of harmful effect. If we use such products then they are called eco-friendly products.

As much as possible, inform people about climate change and global warming.

If we are doing all this work and are not telling people about it, then there will be no point in doing your work.

Because unless all this work is not done on a large scale, they are of no use.

Therefore, if you are doing all these tasks, then inform others about them as well. You can do all this work at the ground level.

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