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Essay on Forest in English for Students

Essay on Forest

What is the Forest?

All of you will have a fetish for forests. And it must also be heard that how forests positively affect human life.

The forest is the largest on earth when even humans were not on earth, and life was also not on earth.

If we want to define the forest in some definition, then in a simple way we can define it in such a way that, the forest area is that large piece where trees are planted everywhere in a large quantity and at a short distance where there is some tree at a distance or radius of every one or 2 meters where the whole area is full of greenery. That place is called a Forest.

But in general, it can be said that a forest is a place where trees and plants are present in very large quantities. This forest can be spread over several hundred hectares.

How does a Forest form?

The process of forest formation is very complex and time-consuming. In this, a complex ecosystem is created. And this creation is done by nature itself.

When a river makes its way by cutting through a piece of land, then there is a system of water for that land all around. And after a long time, the whole land and the surrounding area become fertile.

The amount of underground water in the surrounding area automatically starts increasing, due to which fertility starts increasing. And in the interval of years, whenever there is a storm, there is a flood or there is any natural calamity, then due to this, various types of trees, plants, and many other organisms present in the ecosystem arise due to the disintegration of which the vacant land is destroyed. Begin to take hold.

After this, those small plants grow up and decompose themselves and convert into manure and remain on the same land. And later in the interval of time, when the seeds of different types of big tree plants fall on some land, then those tree plants move forward by using manure. In this way, some 20-30 tree plants grow themselves on large land.

After the same time interval, the seeds that are produced from the same 20-30 tree plants are spread around the land by the storm by the winds, and they transform themselves into huge trees in the middle of a big-time interval. Let’s do it.

When trees and plants keep moving forward like this, then life also starts settling there, and where wild animals also start settling. A wild animal gets a system of food to live there, when there are small squirrels, monkeys or many other such animals eat food to keep themselves alive, then they eat some fruit by plucking it from a tree.

They break a branch and consume it, some leaves are consumed, some flowers are consumed. And the roots of such plants, the seeds of their fruits, or many other things fall on the earth, then they also make themselves bigger by using the same manure in that fertile land, thus many times huge forests are formed by the hard work of thousands of years. Many forests can be several thousand years old and they take thousands of years to form.

What is the contribution of forests to the earth?

The contribution of the forest to the earth is very incomparable.
Rivers never leave their existence because of forests.
Due to the forest, today humans are getting that air to breathe, without which they will not be able to live even 15 minutes.
It is only because of the forests that there is rain and the same forests contribute to converting the same rainwater into groundwater.
Due to forests, human beings get different types of occupations to live their lives.
Due to the forest, we are getting different types of medicines which help in destroying various pathogens of human beings and any other organism.
Due to the forest, the heat of the world is being controlled today.
Forests help us to save from wild creatures. Forests stand as a wall due to which wildlife stays away from ordinary citizens. And both of them can live their life in peace.
The contribution of the forest in keeping the general environment normal is very important.
Forests protect us from natural calamities.
Forests always contribute to maintaining the quality of the soil, and the same soil contributes to providing food to the crores of billions of people today.
There is also a reduction in noise pollution due to forests.
Due to forests, we get that nutrition which can be produced only by forests or can be produced only by wild trees and plants.

What is the contribution of forests to human life?

Humans become able to make their lives successful because of the forests.
There are a large number of trees and plants in the forests, which emit a large amount of oxygen, due to which humans are able to breathe today.
The forest is used as a sieve that can be used to remove particulates of toxic gases and atmospheric pollution emitted by human cooperation.
It is done to remove noise pollution, air pollution, soil pollution. All this directly and positively affects human life.
It is only because of the forest that human life has been able to keep itself healthy and safe. Due to the forest, natural disasters are not able to spread destruction to humans with full force.
Due to forests, human beings get wood to make various types of furniture and wooden items.
Due to forests, there is a great reduction in global warming today.

What can we do to save the Forest?

Decreasing forest is enough to ruin human life. Therefore it is also necessary that humans increase their efforts to save the forests.
Humans can do many things to save the forest such as-
To save the forests, wood should be used at a very low level.
The cutting of forests should be reduced very little, because if the way the forests are being cut, the speed remains in the present as well as in the future, then the complete degradation of the forests is certain.
To save the forests, different types of chemical elements should be kept away from the forests.
To save the forests, it is also necessary to create a forest.
Forests can be created artificially; some 50 years can be enough to create a forest, in which any largest giant forest can be created.
Mountains can also be used to make forests.
The work of tree plantation needs to be done on a very large scale, and this work should be done by every human.
A human should plant at least 100 trees in his entire lifetime, due to which the trees will benefit his generations later.
Humans should spend their time planting big and gigantic trees.
Unless absolutely necessary, trees should not be cut for development works and forests should not be removed.
To stop the felling of trees, it is necessary to work at the administrative level also.
You should not use paper at all unless it is necessary at a personal level.
You should also use a product that can be cycled in large quantities.

What are the disadvantages of forests?

There are no disadvantages to the forests.

What are the types of forests?

There are many types of forests-

Forests can be classified into tropical forests, temperate forests, and boreal forests.

Tropical forests include evergreen forests, seasonal forests, dry forests, Montane forests, tropical forests, subtropical coniferous forests, as well as rain forests.

Apart from this, temperate forests include temperate deciduous forests and temperate coniferous forests.

Occurs in boreal forests which are found in very cold places such as Siberia northern Canada, Canada northern Asia, and Scandinavia are those places where boreal forests are found all over.

If we talk about India, then tropical forests, dry tropical forests, Montane forests, temperate forests, and Montane subtropical forests are found in India, and apart from these, alpine forests and rain forests are found.

Which is the largest forest on earth?

The largest forest on earth is the Amazon rain forest, which is located in Brazil, on which the entire forest, i.e. rainforest, is spread over an area of 22 lakh square miles.

Which is the smallest forest on earth?

The smallest forest on earth is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and its name is Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, it is a rain forest spread over 25 acres.

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