Essay on Computer in English for Class 1st to 12th Students 2023

Looking for an essay on computers in English for class 1st to 12th students?

Here you will get the best essay on the computer for your study and exams.

Computer essay is very important for class 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th students.

Essay on computer in English for students

Essay on Computer in English

Today the use of computers has increased the most. In today’s digital world, the computer comes in handy all the time.

The computer provides various types of facilities to its user by using the Internet.

Computers without the Internet provide a variety of facilities.

The computer has become the need of every person today.

A person who knows how to use a computer and knows about it, that person can eat in any big company or small company, in a government job, anywhere by earning his hard-earned money.

Today the computer has become more than a machine.

Which is used in a variety of fields. But even today there are some people who do not know nor believe the importance of computers.

The computer has become very widespread today.

And since artificial intelligence has entered the digital world, there is not much difference between the computer and the human mind.

Today, computers can do almost everything that a human brain can do.

Various types of tasks can be done by computer and they can be completed successfully.

That is why in today’s essay you will know and learn what is a computer, when was it made, what is its use, where is the computer most used today, which person can use it, what is the use it.

It is necessary to have the types of abilities, what is the use of a computer, what are its advantages, what are its disadvantages, in today’s essay we will provide you all the information about the computer.

What is a computer?

A computer is a machine that runs on electricity, and the main work of this electronic machine can be set in various ways, and its various functions in different fields, become its main work.

But mainly its work is to maintain the information, create information, transform information, acquire information, and process the existing data.

A simple computer can perform a variety of tasks, such as creating documents, sending emails, or playing any type of game, using the Internet, running a web browser, and editing photos.

To do, to create spreadsheets, to create presentations, to create and watch videos, the machine that determines all these aspects in itself, that device is called a computer.

And a computer is that electronic machine which can do all these tasks on its own.

A computer is a machine that is made up of hardware, and whose hardware is controlled by software, and hardware, the software can control, and be used.

Hardware for the computer is the device with the help of which the computer is made, so that the CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and many other things that we can touch and see, the name of all the devices are hardware.

And software is the program, which is controlled by the hardware, and if needed, the hardware can also be controlled by the software.

You must have probably known about what a computer is, if it is explained in more simple language, a computer is a machine that makes the work of human life easier.

And different types of work such as keeping data safe, creating data, processing data, this work can be done by computer.

One needs millions of books to store the information. Today millions of books can be stored in a small chip of a computer called a memory card, or hard disk. And this does not make any change in its weight.

What is the definition of a computer?

A computer can be defined only as a machine, a machine that runs with the help of electricity, and performs a variety of related tasks, but still, if we want to define a computer in one definition, then It can have different definitions.

But one of its main definitions is that a computer is a machine that calculates raw data, and by processing that calculation, it is the work of a computer to calculate or compute that raw data.

A computer does the same thing and a computer can be defined in this definition.

The simplest definition of a computer would be that a computer processes different types of raw data, converting them into readable and understandable information. And that is the definition of a computer.

We can also define a computer in such a way that such a combination of hardware and software, by which we can get our possible results quickly and can get our possible information very quickly. Such a machine is called a computer.

Who built the computer or Invented the computer?

The computer was built by Charles Babbage. The first computer was built by Charles Babbage in 1821 in collaboration with the Analytical Society.

Charles Babbage was born on 26 December 1791 and died on 18 October 1871.

Charles Babbage was an English mathematician and the person who created the first automatic digital computer.

Later on, Charles Babbage also made a small calculator which could calculate 8-digit decimal numbers.

What is the use of a computer?

If we talk about the work of computer, then it becomes a very expanded field because the computer is useful in every field, but still talking about some work of computer, the computer can be useful in various fields like –

In Daily Routine

A computer can be used at a simple home, including using the computer to pay bills online, watch movies, watch shows, or access information, use social media, games. A computer at home can also be used for sending emails, for playing, for doing internet-related work.

And a corporate employee can also sit at home and do his office work with the help of a computer, and in the field of education, a student can study with the help of a computer while sitting at home.

In The Medical Field

The use of computers in the field of medicine has expanded a lot. Today, a computer is the most useful tool in the medical field.

With the help of computers, the information about the patients coming and going to the hospital is kept, their history is also maintained, their names, addresses are kept in everything.

These days neurosurgeons and robotic surgical devices are saving lives due to this, in today’s time, patients’ lives are being saved by using different types of technology with the help of virtual reality, in delaying operations, and conducting surgeries.

In saving, the computer is used very widely in the field of medicine.

In The Field Of Entertainment

The computer is used a lot in the field of entertainment.

In today’s time every child, old and young man, a woman sitting at the computer all the time playing games, watching movies, and playing various types of virtual entertainment playing games.

Apart from this they listen to songs, watch videos, different types of Television shows, use of photo editor, use of video editor, make videos, playing videos, all the work is done by computers in the field of entertainment.

Today, computers are widely used in a variety of entertainment fields ranging from the production of a movie.

In The Field Of Industry

The computer is being used a lot in the field of industry, and due to this, today’s time is also called the digital area.

The computer is used in various ways in the field of industry, such as the field of design, to protect workers’ information, to create sample virtual products, to do interior designing, do video conferencing,

And also for online marketing, to sell, and buy something online.

Computers are widely used for carrying out various types of information in rural areas, for the stock market, and for completing many other industry-related tasks.

And in the coming time, the use of computer uses is going to increase even more after this because the use of artificial intelligence in computers is increasing, and the use of artificial intelligence in the field of industry is also increasing more than that.

In The Fields of Education

In today’s time, every person uses the Internet to get knowledge, for which he uses mobile or computer.

For this, the contribution of computers in the field of education is a revolutionary contribution.

The field of computers has spread completely in the field of education.

And in today’s time, for online classes, for taking online exams, – for reading books and watching many other audiovisuals, for understanding teachers through videos, computers are used in a wide way in all these fields.

In Government Work

Today, various types of government computers are used the most.

Computers are used in the government sector.

Used for data processing, and for storing citizen information, for handling databases, computers are most commonly used to promote paperless work, and countries Computers are used to strengthen the security system.

Apart from this, computers are also used to protect various types of security equipment, super-destructive devices, and weapons-related to nuclear bombs. For missile development, satellite, a rocket launches, computers are used in every field.

In The Field of Banking

In the field of banking today, computers are used only. Apart from computers, today very little work is done through paper.

In today’s time, every work has been done online which is determined by the computer, such as the work of collecting the details of customers in the banking sector through the computer, the work of maintaining the customer information, the transaction information.

Computers are used to maintain, deposit credit, withdrawal, keep information about all these, control ATMs through computers, and reduce human errors to a great extent.

The use of computers reduces their cost very much as compared to humans.

That is why the use of computers has started being widely used in today’s banking sector.

For today, the work of giving loans, the work of taking loans, the work of transferring money, and also the work of digitization of banks, all this is done only and only through internet and computer.

In The Field of Business

Today, computers are used the most in the field of electricity.

In today’s field of business, for transaction processing, to understand the order of shipment and delivery of goods from the supplier, to keep his information, to keep the information of his customer, to keep the information of employer-employee, every To present types of information and data, computers are used in the field of business, businesses can be of different types, and computers are important in all types of business.

In The Field of Art

In the field of art today, computers are used the most, wherewith the help of computer videography, the artist’s likeness is reached to different types of people.

Your art is shown to the world, a computer is widely used in the field of art, in the field of art, various types of artworks are bought and sold by computer.

In the pursuit of art, culture is represented by computer with the help of photography and art, its culture is widely kept all over the world, today computer is used the most in the field of art, And there is also an industry of art and it cannot happen that computer is not used in that industry.

In The Field f Training

The computer is used the most in the field of training through videography. Keeping track of the transaction of money for training, and keeping the employees and their information jointly safe, this work is done in the field of training.

In The Field f Science & Engineering

The computer is used more than all in the field of science and engineering. More than this, the computer is not used anywhere, because the main use of the computer comes here.

Various types of simulators and stimulator dynamic processes are used by the computer.

With the help of engineering, information is collected in different types of areas with the help of different types of applications by supercomputers.

In the field of research and development, computers are used with the help of topography.

In today’s time, whether engineering work is being done on the ground or learning work is being done, the use of computers is mandatory.

What are the benefits of computers?

There are many such benefits of computers that we get. As like-

  • With the help of a computer, there is no need to memorize everything.
  • With the help of computers, we help in online transactions.
  • We never lack entertainment with the help of computers.
  • With the help of computers, we can get knowledge in the field of education.
  • We can complete our studies.
  • Apart from the field of education and with the help of computers, we can achieve new achievements in the field of medicine.
  • We can save people’s lives.
  • We can tell the weather condition through a computer.
  • With the help of computers, we can make Artificial Intelligence more advanced.
  • With the benefits of computers, we can get many jobs with the help of computers in the field of artifacts and industry.
  • There can be many types of beneficiaries.
  • With the help of computers, we can get government jobs.
  • Government facilities can be availed.
  • Can increase our knowledge.
  • With the help of computers, we can make the field of entertainment more advanced.
  • We can make movies and videography more efficient.
  • We can bring mindful thoughts before our eyes.
  • With the help of computers, landslides and other natural disasters can be avoided and measures can be taken beforehand.
  • With the help of computers, we can make our life easier.
  • Can do everyday tasks easily.
  • With the help of a computer, we do not need much to move and do not get tired.

Who can learn the computer?

Anyone can learn computer. For this, if you want, you can do a course or you can learn with the help of YouTube.

Operating a computer is not a big deal, man has made a computer, due to which it can be learned easily.

The computer can also be learned to make, a computer can also be learned to use.

What are the disadvantages of computers?

There are many types of computer disadvantages. As like-

With the help of a computer, it becomes easy to do our everyday tasks, that is why we do not have the habit of working hard, and when we have to work, then we do not deserve it.

In the field of medicine, a computer can do more than a human can play, but due to the computer, the capabilities of the human have started decreasing because humans are not taught to do the work that a computer can do.

And because of this, his experience automatically decreases.

Because of computers, we have become more entrenched in entertainment things, and in the ordinary world, we are left with very little.

Due to the promotion of artificial intelligence due to computers, people’s jobs have started going.

Due to computers, we have been losing the ability to remember things.

Because of computers, we are getting an education instead of knowledge.

Due to computers, we have to face various types of diseases, and our eyes also get bad.

Due to computers, our memory starts getting blurred, Apart from this, there are many other disadvantages of computers which humans have to suffer due to using computers.

Every coin has two sides, that’s why the computer harms in the same way as the computer benefits, and the computer has as many disadvantages as there are advantages.

What is the importance of computers in human life?

In today’s time, a computer has great use in human life, and the utility of the computer is increasing day by day in human life. Due to computers, in today’s time, one feels more capable and self.

Due to computers, today’s time is very much known to human beings. Due to which he gets time to do more productive work, computers are maintaining their importance in human life, and this importance will increase more in the coming time.


So in today’s essay, we have learned that what is a computer, what is the definition, what is the work of a computer, what are the advantages of a computer?

what are the disadvantages of computers, how the computer is important in human life, and with this we have also learned about them?

Also know that what work we can do through computer, in which field how much computer is useful, how much importance computer is in human life in today’s time, and apart from this we also got to know how human can be empowered by computer.

Similarly, in today’s article, we have tried to give you every type of information about computers.

We hope that you have got all the information about computer.

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