Commerce Subjects Name list for 11th and 12th 2021

Looking for the Commerce all Subjects Name List in 11th and 12th class?

There are some subjects in commerce stream like Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, English, Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Informatics Practices etc.

commerce subjects in 11th and 12th

Commerce Subjects name List in 11th and 12th

11th Class Commerce subjects

commerce all subjects name list in 11th and 12th class

1. Economics

It is the compulsory subject of commerce stream related to production, consumption, distribution and transfer of resources, wealth and various issues about the developing Indian economy.

This subject covers some chapters to study as per NCERT like

  • The Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence
  • India Economy 1950-1990
  • Liberalization, Privatisation and Globalisation
  • Poverty, Human Capital Formation in India
  • Rural Development, Employment: Growth
  • formalization and other issues
  • Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development,
  • Comparative Development Experiences of India and Its Neighbours.

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2. Business Studies

This subject is compulsory of commerce stream and it is all about Business, how to start-up, control and manage, best ways to do business, purpose, source, marketing, finance etc. 

In Business Studies subject you will learn some chapters as per NCERT like,

  • Business, Trade and Commerce
  • Forms of Business organization
  • Private, Public and Global enterprises
  • Business services, Emerging models of Business
  • Social Responsibilities of Business and Business Ethics
  • Formation of a Company
  • Sources of Business Finance
  • Small Businesses, Internal trade
  • International Business.

3. Accountancy

This is a compulsory subject of commerce stream related to financial transactions and events, profit and loss, management, business assets and communication.

Part 1 – This subject covers topics like

  • Introduction of accounting
  • Theory base of accounting
  • Recording of transaction 1 and 2
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Trial balance and rectification of errors
  • Depreciation, Provision and Reserves
  • Bills of Exchange

Part 2

  • Financial statements 1 and 2
  • Accounts from incomplete records
  • Accounting for a non-for-profit organization
  • Applications of computers in accounting
  • Computerized accounting system
  • Structuring database for accounting
  • Accounting system using the database management system.

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4. English

English is a compulsory subject in the commerce stream and includes the following chapters as per NCERT.

The Portrait of a Lady, We are not afraid to die…

  • If we can all be together, Discovering tut: The saga continues
  • The landscape of the soul
  • The ailing planet: the green movement’s role
  • The Browning Version
  • The Adventure, Silk Road

Poems – A Photograph, The Laburnum top, The Voice of the Rain, Childhood, Father to Son.

commerce all subjects name list in 11th and 12th class

5. Entrepreneurship

This is an optional subject of commerce stream related to business, market, finance etc. 

  • Some topics of Entrepreneurship – Concepts and Functions
  • An entrepreneur, Entrepreneurial journey
  • Entrepreneurship as innovation and problem solving
  • Concept of the market
  • Analyzing the market environment
  • Researching the market facts that matter
  • Expanding, markets, Know thy business
  • Business finance and arithmetic
  • Resource mobilization.

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6. Mathematics

It is an optional subject in the commerce stream that includes the following topics.

This subject covers chapters as per NCERT –

  • Sets, Relations and Functions
  • Trigonometric functions
  • Principle of Mathematical induction
  • Complex numbers and quadratic equations
  • Linear Inequalities, Permutation and Combinations
  • Binomial Theorem, Sequences and Series
  • Straight Lines, Conic Sections
  • Introduction to three-dimensional geometry
  • Limits and derivatives
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Statistics, Probability.

7. Informatics Practices

This is an optional subject in the commerce stream related to language java, SQL, XML, HTML, Python etc.

  • Basic computer organization
  • Getting started with python
  • Python fundamentals, Data handling
  • Conditional and iterative statements
  • String manipulation, List manipulation
  • Dictionaries, Introducing python modules
  • Introducing python pandas
  • Python pandas 2 – Dataframes and other operations
  • Data transfer between files
  • SQL database and data frames
  • Relational databases, Simple queries in SQL
  • Table creation and data manipulation commands
  • Table joins and indexes in SQL
  • Cyber Safety
  • Online access and Computer security.

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12th Class commerce Subjects

1. Economics

This is a compulsory and important subject of commerce stream in 12th class divided into two parts.

Part A – Microeconomics

  • Introduction, Theory of Consumer Behavior
  • Production and Costs
  • Theory of Firm Under Perfect Competition
  • Market Competition
  • Non-Competitive Markets.

Part B – Macroeconomics

  • Introduction, National Income Accounting
  • Money and Banking, Income Determination
  • Government Budget and Economy
  • Open Economy Macroeconomics.

2. Business studies

Business Studies is also a compulsory subject in commerce stream in 12th class related to business, marketing, finance etc.

  • Nature and Significance of Management
  • Principles of Management
  • Business Environment
  • Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing
  • Controlling, Financial Management
  • Financial Market, Marketing
  • Consumer Protection
  • Entrepreneurship Development.

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3. Accountancy

It is a compulsory subject in 12th commerce stream and is divided into two parts.

commerce all subjects name list in 11th and 12th class

Part 1

  • Accounting For Not For Profit Organisation
  • Accounting for Partnership Firms – Basic Concepts
  • Reconstitution Of A Partnership Firm – Admission Of A Partner
  • Reconstitution Of A Partnership Firm – Retirement/Death Of A Partner
  • Dissolution Of Partnership Firm.

Part 2

  • Accounting for Share Capital
  • Issue and Redemption of Debentures
  • Financial Statements of a Company
  • Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Accounting Ratios, Cash Flow Statement.

4. English

English is a compulsory subject in the commerce stream and includes the following chapters as per NCERT – Flamingo.

The Last Lesson, Lost Spring, Deep Water, The Rattrap, Indigo, Poets and Pancakes, The Interview, Going Places.

Poems – My Mother at sixty-six, An Elementry School Classroom in a Slum, Keeping Quiet, A thing of beauty, A Roadside Stand, Aunt Jennifer’s Tiger.

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5. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an optional subject in the commerce stream and there are some chapters as per NCERT such as.

  • Entrepreneurial opportunity
  • Entrepreneurial planning
  • Enterprise marketing
  • Enterprise growth strategies
  • Business arithmetic
  • Resource mobilization. 

6. Mathematics

Mathematics also an optional subject in the commerce stream in the 12th class.

It covers some chapters as NCERT such as.

  • Relations and Functions
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions
  • Matrices, Determinants
  • Continuity and Differentiability
  • Application of Derivatives, Integrals
  • Application of Integrals, Differential Equations
  • Vector Algebra, Three Dimensional Geometry
  • Linear Programming, Probability.

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7. Informatics Practices

It is an optional subject in the commerce stream in the 12th class covers some chapters as per NCERT.

  • Computer Networking
  • Open Source Concepts
  • Java Programming Fundamentals
  • Swing Controls
  • GUI Programming and Access Specifier
  • Inheritance
  • Accessing MySQL Database Using ODBC/JDBC
  • Web Application Development
  • Fundamentals of Database
  • Functions and Table Joins
  • Integrity Constraints and Tables
  • Front-End Interface, E-Services.

Career Options after 12th Commerce

There are some best courses after 12th commerce 

  • – Bachelor of Commerce
  • – Master of Commerce
  • BBA – Bachelor of business administration
  • BCA – Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Bachelor in Economics
  • BMS – Bachelor of Management Studies
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • CA – Chartered Accountant
  • CS – Company Secretary And many more.

And after graduation in any college or university

You can get an option for competitive exams in government services such as.

UPSC( Union Public Service Commission ) Civil Services Exam for

  • IAS( Indian Administrative Service )
  • IPS( Indian Police Service)
  • IFS ( Indian Foreign Service).

Banking Exam for

  • Bank PO( Probationary  Officer )
  • Bank Clerk.

RRB Exam for – TC, Clerk

SSC Exam for

  • Income Tax Officer(CBDT)
  • Inspector(CBEC)
  • Assistant Audit Officer
  • Assistant in Ministry of external affairs(MEA)
  • Inspector(Central excise)(CBFC)
  • Inspector ( Preventive Officer )
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer(AEO) and many more.

And state government also provides so many jobs for Class-1, Class-2 and Class-3 like 

  • Dy. Section Officer
  • Dy. Mamlatdar
  • Junior Clerk, etc.

This stream is very important for those who are interested in finance and marketing.

So choose for your bright future.

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Q1 – Which subject is best for commerce?

All the subjects are best it is all about our interest and the scope of that subject in the future.

So you have to choose from all the subjects – Economics, Business Studies, Mathematics, English, Accountancy, Informatics Practice, Entrepreneurship.

Q2 – Is commerce a good stream?

Yes, commerce is a very good stream for those who want to become Chartered Account, Teacher, Professor, Bank PO, Finance Manager, Stock Broker, Marketing Manager, Bank Manager, Economist, Accountant Executive, HR, Cost Accountant and many more.

Q3 – Does the commerce stream have a scope?

Yes, there are lots of scope for commerce stream students they can become marketing manager, chartered accountant, bank manager, economist, account executive and many more by choosing it and also you can do your own business.

Q4 – Which job has the highest salary in the commerce stream?

Chartered Accountant, Bank Manager, HR, Stock Broker, Government College Professor these are some job has a very good salary.

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