CCC Computer Course details 2024: Full Form, Syllabus, Duration, Fees, Jobs

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Looking for the CCC computer course details?

You will get everything about CCC ( Course on Computer Concept ) such as full form, fees, salary, subjects, syllabus, jobs, course duration, eligibility criteria, course details, job profiles, etc.

CCC - Course on computer concepts, course details, fees, duration, salary

CCC Computer Course Details

CCC Main Key Points

Course NameCCC Computer Course
Full-FormCourse on Computer Concept
Course Duration( 3 -6 ) Months
Eligibility CriteriaNo Special Eligibility Criteria
Admission ProcessDirect
Course FeesRs. 3K – 8K ( depends upon institutes )

What is the Full Form of CCC?

CCC – Course on Computer Concept

What is CCC Computer Course?

It is a popular and very important certificate course for all the students who want to get a government or private job.

The course on computer concept ( CCC ) is the deep level of basic computer course.

Approved and conducted by the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, this computer course is a certificate level and diploma level computer course.

Through this course, you can learn computer course or basic concepts about the computer, and computer, after which that person can easily become fit to work in any small company.

A lot of progress is being made in the world of information technology today. Because of which every person is getting connected with the world of information technology.

That is why the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology has decided that such a computer course should be made, with the help of which a common person should also be provided with basic knowledge related to the computer, with the help of which he should not be left behind in the race of technology.

Here you can get to learn basic to deep about the computer.

In this course, you will learn about

  • All the basics of computer download
  • Upload, payment
  • UPI, digital payment
  • Ticket booking
  • Online order and many more.

This is a certification course approved by the government.

So we can use it as a supporting certificate to get a job in a government as well as private and organization both.

After doing this course, you will be able to operate the computer, use the computer, make presentations on the computer, make PowerPoint, excel, play videos, edit images, send emails, create business presentations, control small databases. Doing or controlling it all comes down to this.

So after learning everything, you can help another person in running any small business. And his biography could run smoothly.

If you want, with this education, he can also handle a small business of his own.

The course of Computer Concepts can generally be of two weeks. And if it is told specific, then this course is of 80 hours.

In which theory is told to you for 25 hours. 5 hours are explained to you through tutorials. And there are practical in it of 50 hours. And its exams are taken every month of the year.

And whoever passes the exam from the person, he gets a certificate of this course, whose value is as much as a diploma course.

CCC Course Main Body

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology ( NIELIT )

What is NIELIT?

NIELIT i.e. National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology is a Government Institution.

The purpose of which is to make available the facilities of technology to all the common people. And it has to be ensured that, in some way or the other, all Indians can get all the education related to electronics and technology.

The National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology is an autonomous scientific society under the control of the administrative branch of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

And it has been established to do human resource development in the field of information technology.

The National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology runs many such training and education programs, with the help of which the access of information technology to the common people increases.

Its main objective is to strengthen the hold of information technology in the hands of all Indians without any discrimination.

This institute runs all types of formal and non-formal education and training programs to advance education in the field of information technology, of which the Course of Computer Concept is also one.

CCC Course Eligibility Criteria

No special Qualification is required

You can join when you want – after 8th, 10th, 12th, or graduation.

This course can also be joined in the vacation period.

Admission Process


You can join any recognized institute nearby you for CCC.

Course Duration

3 – 6 months

Course Fees

3K-8K ( approx )

The CCC course depends upon the institute so it may vary from institute to institute.

CCC Course Syllabus

Introduction to Computer

  • What is computer?
  • Basic application of computer
  • Characteristics of computer
  • Components of computer system
  • Central processing unit ( CPU )
  • VDU, Keyboard and Mouse, Other input / output Devices

concepts of Hardware and Software

  • Classification of computers
  • Representation of data/information concepts of data processing
  • Definition of information and data, basic, data types
  • Storage of data / information as files
  • Trouble shooting

Introduction to Windows ( MS Windows )

  • What are the operating system and basics of windows?
  • The user interface
  • Using mouse and moving icons on the screen
  • The my computer icon
  • The recycle bin
  • Status bar, start and menu and menu-selection
  • Running an application
  • Windows explorer viewing of file, folders and directories
  • Creating and renaming of files and folders
  • Opening and closing of different windows
  • Window setting, system information
  • Hardware profiles
  • Control panels
  • Wallpaper and screen savers, setting the data and time
  • Sounds and audio devices
  • Concept of menu using help
  • Using right button of the mouse and creating a shortcuts
  • Window accessories – Notepad
  • Command prompt ( MS DOS Prompt )
  • Paint Brush

Elements of Word Processing Word Processing Basic ( MS Word )

  • An introduction to word processing
  • Opening word processing package
  • The menu bar
  • Using the icons below menu bar
  • Opening Documents, save and save as
  • Page setup, print view, printing of documents, print a selected page
  • Display / Hinding of paragraph marks and inter word space
  • Moving around in adocument, scrolling the document
  • Scrolling by line / paragraph, fast scrolling and moving pages

Text Creation and Manipulation

  • Paragraph and tab setting, text selection, cut, copy and paste
  • Font and size selection, bold, italic and underline
  • Alignment of text – center, left and justify
  • Formating the text, changing font, size and color
  • Paragraph indentify, bullets and numbering
  • Cut, copy and paste across the documents
  • Use of tab and tab setting, changine case
  • Spelling and grammer check
  • Use drawing tools
  • Table, concept of table – rows, columns and cells, draw table, changing cell width and height, alignment of text in cell, copying of cell

Mail Merge

  • Create draft, create a table for address, relate draft with adress
  • See – mail merge effect on screen
  • Mailing lables

Typing Practice – Typing Tutorial

  • Concepts of a floating keyboard, dynamic and Unicode fonts
  • English typing – hand on practice
  • Other languge ( hindi, gujarati etc. ) typing -hands on typing

Spread Sheet ( MS EXCEL )

  • Elements of electronic spread sheet
  • Application / usage of electronic spread sheet
  • opening of spread sheet
  • The menu bar
  • Creation of cells and addressing of cells
  • Cell inputting
  • Manipulation of cells
  • Enter texts numbers and dates
  • Creation of tables
  • Cell height and widths
  • Copying of cells
  • Providing formulas
  • Using basic functions / formalism a cell
  • Sum () function
  • Average
  • Percentage
  • Other basic functions ( – with hands on practice – )
  • Currency, date, time special ( zip code ), color pattern
  • Building spread sheets for small accounting ( pay slip )
  • Developing, mainting and totaling budget sheet
  • Creating graph ( graph name, axis, title, label, legend. grid )
  • Generating BAR, COLUMN ( STACK ), LINE, XY, PIE Charts

Making Small Presentations Basics ( MS POWERPOINT )

  • Difference between presentation and document
  • Using powerpint
  • Opening a powerpoing presentation
  • Using wizard for creating a presentation

Creation of Presentation

  • Title, text, font size
  • Bullets, indeting. moving the next slide
  • selection of type of slides

Preparation of Slides

  • The slide manager
  • Providing aesthetics
  • Slide designs
  • Background and text colors
  • Making your own slide numbering
  • Slide manipulation and slide show
  • Presentation of the slides
  • Using the slide show
  • Slide sorter
  • Title sorter
  • Printing the Slides and handouts

Computer Communication and Internet

  • Communication on Internet – Basic of Computer networks, wireless network ( LAN, MAN, WAN )
  • WWW and web browsers ( WEB Portal )
  • Web browsing software – internet explorer, Netscape navigator
  • Surfing the internet
  • Search ( search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing etc )
  • Moving around in a web site
  • Printing or saving portion of web pages
  • Downloading
  • Chatting on Internet

Email ( Gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo Messengers etc )

  • Email ( gmail / Hotmail / Yahoo messengers etc )
  • Sent and Email
  • Email addressing
  • Mailbox – inbox and outbox
  • Using Emails, viewing and email, sending and email
  • Saving mails
  • Sending same email to various users
  • Document handling
  • Sending soft copy as attachment
  • Enclosures to email
  • Sending a portion of document as email

MS Outlook and Outlook Express

  • Concepts of task, calender, contacts, news groups and net meeting
  • Create mail, send and receive mail
  • Create and use address book and find
  • Plaxo

Know – IT Jargons

  • Information technology and biotechnology
  • E – Governance ( G2G, G2B, B2B ), digital signature / certificate
  • Public interface ( web services, kiosk )
  • Communication link ( dialup, lease line, wireless, VSAT )
  • GSWAN ( VC, connectivity, bandwidth, switch, hub, router, bridge )
  • WWW, VPN, ASP, browser, search engines, agte ways
  • Web site ( static and dynamic ), web fonts and dynamic fonts, web portal
  • Server farm ( store of mail / data / application / web / risk
  • Rural connectivity ( last mile connectivity )
  • ISP, LSP, IP protocol, IP address, internet telephony, web cam
  • e-security ( fire wall, virus, hacking, logical port, bio-matrix )
  • Infocity ( techno park, call center, medical transcript, BPO )
  • Science city ( 2D, 3D effects, digital devide )
  • Broad band, digital devide ( multi media ), blue- tooth technology
  • Clients ( dumb, thin, thick, smart / intelligent terminal )
  • Desktop, laptop, notebook, palm top, PDA
  • Artificial intelligence, expert system, decision support system
  • Microsoft products, free softwares, open source, SQL, Linux
  • Software versions, service pack, software

Advantages of CCC Course

CCC course, which full form is Course of Computer Concept, has many benefits, such as-

  • The Course of Computer Concepts The course is fundamental in computers. That is, the computer foundation of the student who does this course is completed.
  • After doing the Course of Computer Concepts, a student acquires mastery in a variety of areas, such as – Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • You can easily get a job in any private sector or government sector.
  • You can easily operate a computer, and the basic concepts related to a computer are cleared. Because of which he can run smoothly in his early life.
  • You can easily understand how to use Microsoft Office, know how to use the Internet, and know how to write an email.
  • This course can be done to get any C-level post.
  • A student is awarded a diploma-level certificate. This means that he has got the fundamentals in all of the computers. And with his help, he can work in any private firm or government firm.
  • This course is suggested by Govt which means that the fee for doing this course is very low i.e. a person can easily do this course within ₹ 500.
  • You can easily start his own small business. And in any small business can work as a person handling a database.
  • As you mentioned that after doing this course a person comes to handle Microsoft Office, so it means that a person can easily operate any small database also.
  • You can use offline and online platforms to do the Course on Computer Concepts.

Disadvantages of CCC Course

  • After doing the Course of Computer Concepts, many times it happens that a small certificate is given to many students, which indicates that this student has little computer knowledge. But there are many courses which are only 1 month or 2 months course. And after doing that computer course, a person can see more scope in the employment sector.
  • After doing the course of CCC, it comes to know that there are many alternatives available. Which is for a little longer, but they are getting jobs more easily in the employment sector.
  • In today’s time having only basic knowledge of computers is not enough. It is necessary to have a piece of deep knowledge in some of the other computer field which is not available in the course of CCC.

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Q1 – What is CCC exam?

It is certificate computer course full form is ( CCC – Course on Computer Concept ) conducted by The National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT).

Q2 – Is CCC exam tough?

It is moderate to tough level exam but it’s not impossible so you can crack the CCC.

Q3 – Is CCC a diploma?

The CCC is a certificate exam conducted by conducted by The National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology (NIELIT).

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