BHMS Course Details 2024: Full Form, Fees, Subjects, Syllabus, Duration

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Looking for the BHMS course details, full form, course fees, subjects list, syllabus, course duration, eligibility criteria, admission process, salary BHMS colleges, career options and Jobs in government and private sector, etc.

BHMS Course details

BHMS Course Details

Main Key Points

BHMS Full FormBachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery
Course Duration 4.5 Year +1 Year Internship
Admission Process Academic + Entrance Exam ( NEET )
Study Related to Homeopathic System
Job Profile Homeopathic Doctor, Pharmacist, Medical Officer, Surgeon, Anesthetist, Professor/ Lecturer, Therapist, Scientist, Consultant, Pathologist, etc.
Course Fees 2 Lakh – 6 Lakh
Salary20K – 30K ( As a Fresher )
Higher StudyMHMS ( Master of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery )
Required SkillsEmotional Strength, Communication Skills, Subjects Knowledge, Creative and Innovative Skills, Decision Making Skills, Art of Understanding Patients, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Teamwork and Collaboration, etc.
Employment AreasHospitals, Education Centers, Mental Health Centers, Clinics, Rehabilitation Centers, College/universities, etc.

What is the full form of BHMS?

BHMS – Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery

This course deals with every component of homeopathy science.

What is the BHMS Course?

It is one of the best medical degree courses after 12th science with Biology or PCB ( Physics, Chemistry, and Biology ) for those who want to become a Homeopathic Doctor.

The BHMS is an undergraduate degree course, it is considered to be one of the largest degrees in the medical field, and this degree contains all the information related to the homeopathic system.

It is a 5.5 years undergraduate degree course that includes 4.5 years of academic and 1-year internship in the medical and health care area.

In the BHMS course, you will be able to understand many aspects of the homeopathic system and You can become a doctor.

If you want to become a homeopathic doctor then you should choose to join a BHMS course. If you have a BHMS degree then you can put doctor behind your name.

The homeopathic system is a complete alternative to an allopathic system that provides alternative medicine.

There are crores of people all over the world including India who do not trust allopathy and they feel that the healing ability in homeopathy is paramount.

And because of this many people feel more comfortable getting treatment by a homeopathic doctor.

Homeopathic is a system of medicine that mainly relies on decoctions and medicines. Every time the liquid is not necessarily a decoction, but it is often seen that the liquid medicine given in homeopathic is a decoction.

Homeopathy is the most effective popular system of medicine after Ayurvedic and Allopathy.

In the medical system, your emotions mind, and body are intertwined, and when a person starts disturbing the harmony of these three. Then a doctor of homeopathy is required.

One special thing about becoming a homeopathic doctor is that the medicines given by him have a wrong reaction in very few cases.

Who is a homeopathic doctor?

A homeopathic doctor is a person who treats a person’s disease by natural methods or by herbs. A homeopathic doctor is also considered as valuable as an allopathy doctor.

Many people want to become doctors and want to cure people. The most important moment in a doctor’s life is when he saves a person’s life.

Saving someone’s life is a very important task and it is a work of virtue. People also get life from the hands of a doctor and when a doctor fails to save someone. Then that person also attains death.

A doctor has to see many ups and downs in his life and a doctor lives his profession with complete honesty.

Many people want to become a doctor, but they do not know how many types of doctors are there. There are many types of doctors but mainly allopathic and homeopathic doctors are there.

As it has been asked in the question that who is the doctor of homeopathy, so that is why we will tell you what a homeopathic doctor does, who is there, and how it can be made.

BHMS Eligibility Criteria

If you want to do a BHMS course, then there are different types of eligibility criteria in front of you that you have to cross.

If you want to do a BHMS course then you have to pass 11th and 12th through Biology Chemistry Physics and English.

This is a very important eligibility criterion. In this, you cannot do that you have passed 11th class with any other subject and you have passed 12th class with biology.

You must keep in mind that you have to pass both 11th and 12th through biology subject, after that you can do BHMS course.

If you want to do a BHMS course, then you have to take this into consideration between 50% to 60% in your 11th and 12th. You can do more than this if you want.

But reducing it will not be mandatory at all. Students with less than 50% marks are not allowed to pursue a BHMS course.
If you want to do a BHMS course then your age limit should not be more than 22 years. In some cases, the age limit of people to pursue a BHMS course is also sought up to 17 years.

To complete a BHMS course, a person has to go through a national level or state level entrance examination.

A person can do the BHMS course directly by bringing merit in 12th or else one can do BHMS course by cracking any state level or national level entrance examination by scoring 50 to 60% marks.

If a person wants to do a BHMS course then he can give NEET exam, if a person wants to give Panjab University Common Entrance Test, besides Kerala can give Engineering Agriculture Medical Entrance Test, besides Indraprastha University can give Common Entrance Test Or else Bharati Vidyapeeth can give Common Entrance Test.

BHMS Course Duration

5.5 Years ( 4.5+1 year Internship )

This covers 4.5 years of academic study and 1-year compulsory internship in hospitals.

BAMS Course Details

BHMS Admission Process

Based on Entrance Exam – NEET

If you want to get admission to a bachelor of homeopathic medicine and surgery ( BHMS ) then you must have to attend NEET competitive examination.

There is only one entrance exam for Bachelor in Dental Surgery, which is the NEET exam. NEET exam is a national-level exam that is the only entrance test for different types of exams. This test is a national-level test.

The name of this testing agency is National Testing Agency and it is a government agency that collects all the eligible students from all over the country, provides high-level education, and motivates them to contribute to the country.

What is NEET?

NEET exam is a program to collect students related to biology at the national level and provide them with high-level education. For which this test is conducted by the government agency, National Testing Agency.

The full form of NEET is National Eligibility Test, which is conducted once a year. And it is said that almost every year more than 16 lakh children take this exam to prove their worth.

This exam is conducted in its way only. And it is a 3-hour exam. And it is organized in about 202 cities in India. It mainly consists of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology papers. And in this total questions of 720 marks are asked.

In this, if one question is correct, you get 4 marks and for each wrong question, one mark is deducted.

Today, 13 Indian languages, including English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu, are tested in all these languages. And through this test, you can take admission in any college in 1613 colleges.

There are about 83000 MBBS seats for the participants participating in this, 27000 seats for Bachelor of Dental Surgery, 52000 seats for BAMS, and 525 seats for BVSc. You can visit its official website NTA NEET know more about it.

How to Crack NEET?

If you also have a lot of interest in the field of medicine, and you want to contribute to your country with the help of this. So for this, you have to give NEET exam. And its preparation is not too difficult. But it costs you a lot of time.

In this exam, you must have deep knowledge of chemistry, physics, and biology.

For this, you can read all the NCERT books, and understand all the biology, physics, and chemistry of Twelfth very well.

For this, if you want, you can spend money in any coaching center. Or you can learn it through YouTube or another online platform on your lines.

The best way to prepare for the NEET exam is to try to solve its previous question paper and understand the type of questions that can come in it and how to answer them.

There is another way to prepare for it that you should start preparing for NEET from Class 10 itself. Because the competition in this is very amazing, and if you cross this competition then you have to prepare very well.

How to Fill Application Form for Admmission

If you want to join the BHMS course, you have to pass the entrance exam and that is NEET.

Generally, they conduct the online-based selection process so that they can give admission based on merit ( Academic marks + NEET score ).

You have to fill application form step by step –

Step 1 – Registration

You have to click the university’s website to complete the registration of which university you have selected.

Fill in all the details carefully as per the requirement.

Step 2 – Log in

After completing registration you will get a username and password, you can log in by using it for further process.

Step 3 – You have to fill the application form

In the third step, you have to fill in all the details like students’ name, father and mother name, education qualification, address, mobile number, email id, security pin, nationality, date of birth, gender, category, etc.

Be careful while filling application form because sometimes small a mistake can cancel your admission.

Step 4 – Upload images of relevant documents

After filling the application form you have to upload images of relevant documents such as mark sheets, caste certificate, living certificate, address proof id, and other required certificates.

Step 5 – Preview the profile

In the 5th step, you have to preview the application form to check any mistakes before clicking on final submission.

So that you can ensure about your application form.

Step 6 – Final Submission

When everything is filled you can click final submission to submit the application form.

Step 7 – Pay the application fees

You can complete the process by paying application fees ( If any )

BHMS Course Fees

2 Lakh – 6 Lakh per annum

BHMS ( Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery ) course fees generally depend upon colleges and universities so it varies from college to college.

BHMS Salary

20K – 30K ( As a Fresher )

Mostly the salary depends upon various factors like your knowledge, experience, expertise and many more but as a fresher, you can expect 20K – 30K and then it will increase as per your experience.

if you have experience of 5 years to 10 years then your salary between ₹ 8 Lakh to ₹ 20 Lakh annually Might be possible.

BDS Course Details

Subjects list and Syllabus for BHMS

1st Year

Organon of Medicine with Homeopathic PhilosophyAnatomy and Histology
PhysiologyHomeopathic Pharmacy
Homeopathic Materia MediaHomeopathic Medicine

2nd Year

PathologyForensic Medicine and Toxicology
Principle of Homeopathic PhilosophyHomeopathic Therapeutics

3rd Year

Practice of MedicineOrganon of Medicine
Gynecology and ObstetricsSurgery including ENT, Ophthalmology, Dental and Homeo Therapeutics

4th Year

Community MedicineRepertory
Practice of MedicineOrganon of Medicine

What does it take to become a homeopathic doctor?

To become a doctor of homeopathy, you have to do a BHMS course.

After doing the course of BHMS and after completing its degree and after becoming a graduate, you become a doctor of homeopathic. For this, there is a complete process of different types, which you have to follow.

A homeopathic doctor has a lot of value in the homeopathic medical domain.

In the BHMS course, you are given information about homeopathic medicine and surgery.

When is the BHMS course done?

The course of BHMS is done when a person wants to advance his future in the field of homeopathy. This course of homeopathy is of 5.5 years and in many colleges, it is completed in 4.5 years.

The way it is told in the BHMS course, you are given complete information about the medicine and homeopathic surgery in this course. In this, everything is told to you by doing practical analysis.

When a person wants to read the introduction of herbs and according to the Vedas and Shastras according to the system of medicine that person wants to adopt, one should take a homeopathy course.

Homeopathy is one of the original systems of medicine in India and this system of medicine has been used in India for thousands of years.

When technology was not so daring and everyone used technology in general, at that time homeopathy was the supreme medicine system.

There are thousands of people who remove their disease through homeopathy and make themselves healthy.

Any person who wants to improve his life through homeopathy, that person hires a homeopathic doctor for himself.

It is not necessary that a homeopathic doctor should be a private doctor, because today many government homeopathic doctors are available.

To become a homeopathy doctor, one has to go through various types of procedures. And he has knowledge of all the methods of healing through nutritional therapies and he knows the techniques of healing through mind and body.

A doctor helps you with immunology and immune system disorders, and also introduces you to traditional Chinese medicine.

It takes special care that the traditional harmony between your health, wellness, and longevity is maintained and you do not face any major problem.

Required skills for BHMS Students

Emotional StrengthCommunication Skills
Subjects KnowledgeCreative and Innovative Skills
Decision Making SkillsArt of Understanding Patients
Ability Work Under PressureTeamwork and Collaboration Skills

Emotional Strength

Emotional strength is the most important skill who works in hospitals and health care areas because they have to deal with patients and sometimes patients are in a critical condition so they have to handle it.

They have to care for patients and to talk to any patient, they should have emotional strength.

You should be strong enough to work in every situation in the hospitals or clinics.

Communication Skills

To become a dentist, it is very important for an aspirant to have communication skills.

Good communication increases confidence, builds team, makes better relationships, increases engagement and productivity, handles conflicts, increases job satisfaction, increases problem-solving ability, improves presentation skills, builds trust, etc.

As a BHMS student, you must have these communication skills so that you can achieve whatever you want, you can fulfill your desire by improving your communication skills.

Communication skills are very important for everyone to do something big in life.

If you want to do a business, want to do a job, want to travel, or want to do anything communication skills play a vast role in every sector.

Subjects Knowledge

If you want to achieve go in the teaching area, want to study further, or want to go in a field related research then must have good knowledge in core subjects.

The students who want to score well in the exam then you should have good knowledge in all the subjects.

And core subjects knowledge is very useful in interviews, group discussions, campus placement, and getting a job.

Creative and Innovative Skills

Creativity and innovative skills are the most important skills for BHMS degree holders so that you can use these skills in researching in medical laboratories, analyzing samples of anybody, etc.

These creative and innovative skills should have everyone not only BHMS degree holders because it helps to grow in every sector to create business and research new things.

You can create something new and make it easy for the patients by using these skills.

Decision-Making Skills

It is the most important skill for BHMS students because every time in a hospital they have to take a decision ownself.

You should not face any problems while treatment of patients because you have to be focused and clear.

They must have the ability to gain a lot of information in a short glance.

Art of Understanding the Patients

This skill is required for everyone who works in hospitals and health care areas because they have to care for patients.

They should have the art of understanding the patients and their diseases effectively.

They should not forget their work by joining the suffering of the patient.

Ability to work under Pressure

If you want to work in a hospital or any clinic then you have to work under the pressure of a senior doctor so you should have the ability to work under pressure.

As a fresher, you have to work under a senior doctor in a big hospital then you have to remain calm in every situation, stay focused on work so this will help you a lot to grow yourself.

So if you want to do a job then prepare to work under pressure.

Teamwork and Collaboration Skills

After completing of BHMS course you will go for the job in any hospital then you have to work with your team members so you must have teamwork and collaboration skills.

If you work in big hospitals and clinics then you have to work with staff so that time these skills prooves very useful.

So teamwork and collaboration skills are very important in a hospital or everywhere where two or more people work with each other.

As a BHMS student, you must develop these skills.

MBBS Course Details

Job Profile

Homeopathic DoctorPharmacist
Medical OfficerSurgeon
AnesthetistProfessor / Lecturer
Private PractionerPublic health specialist

Homeopathic Doctor

After completing the BHMS course, you can work as a homeopathic doctor, you have to do medical tests, run a diagnosis, or treat patients and prescribe medicines to them.

As a homeopathic doctor, you can treat various types of common conditions like fever, asthma, allergies, mental health, high blood pressure, psychological conditions, ear infections, etc.

So you can save and remove illnesses of people by giving the best treatment by becoming a homeopathic doctor.


After completing you can become a pharmacist who is a medication expert and treat people to live a healthy life.

Generally, they manage medications, give vaccinations, educate and provide information to the patients to use medicines, check drug interactions, prepare and dispense prescriptions, etc.

So you can work as a pharmacist after the BHMS course in the medical and healthcare field.

Professor / Lecturer

You can become a teacher after the BHMS course to get an opportunity to teach students in a college about the subjects relevant to BHMS.

You can also share knowledge and information about career options, empower girls to study, inspire students and people to do something big in their life, make a positive impact on students, can teach students about how to achieve success in their life, how to set a goal and achieve it.

Becoming a teacher and teaching students is one of the best services because you have the power to change people’s life.


A therapist is one who helps people by giving the best treatment and rehabilitation, they advise and counsel people about mental health, and treat certain mental conditions such as disorders and emotional problems.

So you can become a therapist after completing the BHMS course and get an opportunity to help people by giving the best treatment and helping them to live a happy life.


If you want to research and find something new such as the new method of preventing disease, finding drugs, a new method to treat patients in the best ways, etc then you can become a scientist.

You can help people by creating new things, methods, drugs in the medical and health care field.

Public Health Specialist

After completing the BHMS course, you become a public health specialist.

In which your job is that you run developing and analytical programs so that you can overcome all the problems related to people.

Private Practioner

After becoming a homeopathic doctor, you become a private practitioner, after which your job is to provide private service to the patient as a doctor. And solve their psychological problems and other problems.

Employment Areas for BHMS Students

After completing the BHMS ( Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery ) course you can go to the following health care areas.


The hospital is the most preferable health care institute where you can work as a doctor after completing the BHMS course.

It is the health care center where patients come for diagnosis of various types of diseases or any accidental injuries.

Types of Hospitals

  • Specialty Hospitals
  • General Hospitals
  • Surgical Hospitals
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Teaching Hospitals
  • Dental Hospitals
  • Disorder Hospitals
  • Hospices and Palliative

Education Centers

The education centers mean they are a form of schools or colleges ( Private and Government ) so you can choose this course for a teaching purpose.

You can become a teacher or a professor after the BHMS course and share your knowledge with the students and make them educated people.

They are the best areas where you can provide the best knowledge and information about the health care field.

Mental Health Centers

It is the hospital where the patients come for treatment who are suffering from disorders. It is also called the psychiatric hospital.

You can psychiatric specialists work in mental health care centers and diagnose patients who have mental disorders.

There are various types of disorders such as anxiety disorder, clinical disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, autism, dementia, OCD, PTSD, etc.

After the BHMS course, you can become a mental health specialist and make a career in this field.


It is also a health care center where people come for treatment of disease. The clinic also provides health care facilities like a hospital but somehow they have limitations in treatment than hospitals.

After completing the BHMS course you can open your clinic and serve the people who are suffering from diseases.

This can be the best career option after the BHMS course who want to work freely and without any pressure.

Rehabilitation Centers

After completing the BHMS course you can work in the rehabilitation centers where patients are rehabilitated to a position where they were living.

Sometimes people suffer from bad habits addicted to a drug, smoking, swearing, alcohol, etc so they need rehabilitation to be free from that bad habits.

So you can become a rehabilitation specialist after the BHMS course.

Courses after BHMS Course

After completing the BHMS course, you can do

  • Post-graduate in Materia Medica
  • Oost graduate in Organs of Medicine and Philosophy
  • Postgraduate in the practice of medicine
  • Postgraduate in psychiatry also
  • Postgraduate in Paediatrics
  • Postgraduate in pharmacy
  • Postgraduate in Epidemiology
  • Postgraduate in Medical Anatomy
  • Masters in genetics
  • Masters in neuroscience
  • Masters in Food and Nutrition
  • Master in clinical research
  • Masters in applied psychology
  • Master in Medical Biochemistry
  • Masters in Health Science and Yoga Therapy
  • PGDM in Holistic Health and Care
  • Postgraduate in acupuncture
  • Postgraduate in Preventive and Promotional Health Care
  • Postgraduate in Diabetes Mellitus
  • Postgraduate in clinical diabetes
  • Master of Hospital Administration
  • MBA in health care management
  • Masters in public health


Full-FormBachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and SurgeryBachelor of Dental Surgery
Course Duration4.5 Year + 1 Year Internship4 Year +1 Year Internship
Admission ProcessAcademic + Entrance ExamAcademic + Entrance Exam
StudyBased on Ayurvedic MedicineRelated to Dental Surgery
Job ProfileHomeopathic DoctorDentist
Course Fees2 Lakh – 6 Lakh2 Lakh – 7 Lakh
Higher StudyNeedGenerally No Need


Full-FormBachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and SurgeryBachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and Surgery
Course Duration4.5 Year +1 Year Internship4.5 Year + 1 Year Internship
Admission ProcessAcademic + Entrance ExamAcademic + Entrance Exam
StudyBased on Homeopathic SystemBased on Modern Medicine
Job ProfileHomeopathic DoctorGeneral Physician
Course Fees2 Lakh – 6 Lakh5 Lakh – 25 Lakh
Higher StudyNeedNeed


Full-FormBachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine, and SurgeryBachelor of Homeopathic Medicine, and Surgery
Course Duration4.5 Year +1 Year Internship4.5 Year + 1 Year Internship
Admission ProcessAcademic + Entrance ExamAcademic + Entrance Exam
StudyBased on Ayurvedic MedicineBased on Homeopathic System
Job ProfileGeneral Ayurvedic DoctorHomeopathic Doctor
Course Fees40K – 1.5 Lakh2 Lakh – 6 Lakh
Higher StudyNeedNeed

Top Colleges for BHMS Course

  • Government Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Banglore
  • Lokmanya Homeopathic Medical College, Pune
  • National Institute of Homeopathy, Kolkata
  • Dr DY Patil Vidyapeet, Pune
  • YBN University, Ranchi, Jharkhand
  • Baroda Homeopathic Medical College, Vadodara
  • Parul University, Vadodara
  • Homeopathy Unversity, Jaipur
  • Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Chandigarh
  • Haniman Homeopathic College, Bhopal

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Q1 – Is BHMS easier than MBBS?

Yes, BHMS is something easier than MBBS, it has also the same curriculum to study. And as degree both are same.

Q2 – What are the fees of BHMS?

Generally, it varies from college to college you can expect 2 lakh to 7 lakh.

Q3 – Can I do BHMS without biology?

No, you can’t, there is a must biology for the medical field.

Q4 – Which medical course is best?

There are some of the best medical courses are MBBS, BDS, BAMS, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, B.Pharm, etc.

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