Arts all Subjects List 2023: Arts Stream Details, Career Options

Looking for the arts all subjects name list?

There are several subjects in Arts all subjects name list such as History, English, Political Science, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, and other regional languages like Hindi. 

arts all subjects name list

Arts All Subjects List

What is Arts Stream?

Like commerce science or any other stream, it is very difficult to define arts stream in any single sentence, because it is a very diversified stream in itself. And this is because, through this, if a person earns his knowledge through this stream, then in support of this, a person can get jobs in a very big field, and can make his career.

This field is called the art field, in which a person moves towards advancing his career through different types of arts. And most of the students choose this stream because the chances of getting a job in it are very high, and it is seen that the person who studies from the stream of arts, very rarely looks unemployed. Because due to this being a very large and diversified field, the students studying through this stream are doing jobs somewhere, or are handling their own business.

Not only for the job, but the arts subject or the arts stream itself also provides different types of education, and it has a lot of scope for higher education.

In this you can get Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Arts in English, Bachelor of Art in Business, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Business Studies, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Hotel Management, Bachelor of Management Studies, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Arts for Fashion Designing, Bachelor of Arts of Design, BBA.llb, BA LLB, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication, all these fields open up the fields of getting more education.

Arts Subjects in 11th

HistoryPolitical Science

1. History

It is one of the best subjects in the arts all subjects name list and it includes everything about history.

It is a very interesting subject you will get to know about past events and processes.

Some topics in world history are included in History Subject as per NCERT.

1. Early Societies –

From the beginning of time, Early cities.

2. Empires – 

An empire across three continents, Central Islamic lands, Nomadic Empires.

3. Changing Tradition

Three orders, Changing cultural traditions, Confrontation of cultures.

4. Paths of Modernizations

The industrial revolution, Displacing indigenous people, Paths to modernization.

Best Courses after 12th arts Stream

2. Political Science

arts all subjects name list

Political Science is one of the best subjects for those who are interested to learn about the constitution, political processes, etc.

1. Indian Constitution at Work – This section includes

  • The Philosophy of the constitution and why and how the constitution
  • Rights in the constitution
  • Election and Representation
  • The Executive
  • The Legislature
  • Local Governments
  • Federalism, The Judiciary
  • Constitution as a living document.

2. Political Theory

This topic includes Introduction, Equality, Rights, Freedom, Citizenship, Nationalism, Secularism, Peace, Social Justice, and Development.

3. Sociology

Sociology is the best subject and it describes the study of society, family, caste, religion, etc.

1. Introduction of Sociology – 

  • The introduction includes Sociology
  • Society and its relationship with other social sciences
  • Terms, concepts and their use in sociology
  • Understanding of social instrumentations
  • Culture and socialization Doing sociology
  • Research methods.

2. Understanding Society – 

  • Social structure
  • Stratification and social processes in society
  • Social change, and social order in rural and urban society
  • Environment and Society
  • Introducing western sociologists
  • Indian sociologists.

4. Economics

It is the best subject and it covers some basic economic concepts and the development of economic reasoning.

And also covers the study of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

1. Introduction of Microeconomics

This topic covers,

  • Introduction
  • Consumer’s equilibrium and demand
  • producer behavior and supply
  • Forms of market and price determination under perfect competition with simple applications. 

2. Statistics of economics – 

This topic covers the introduction, Collection, Organization, and presentation of data, Statistical tools, and interpretation.

5. Geography

Geography includes the relation between people and their environment.

1. Fundamentals of Physical Geography – 

This topic is all about geography as a discipline, The earth, Landforms, Climate, Water(Oceans), and Life on the earth.

2. India-Physical Environment – 

It includes an introduction, Physiography, Climate, vegetation and soil, Natural hazards, and disasters.

6. Psychology

Psychology is one of the best subjects in the arts stream subjects.

It includes the study of experiences, behaviors, minds, and mental processes of human beings.

There are some main topics in psychology that you will learn such as

  • Introduction of Psychology
  • Methods of inquiry in psychology
  • The basis of human behavior
  • Human development, Sensory
  • Attentional and Perceptual Processes
  • Learning, Human Memory, Thinking
  • Motivation and Emotion.

Arts Subjects in 12th

HistoryPolitical Science

1. History

The 12th History is all about Indian history and it familiarizes with all the parts of Indian history in detail.

Part 1

It is all about Harappan Archaeology, Political and Economic History, Social History using the Mahabharata, and the History of Buddhism – Sanchi stupa.

Part 2 – 

The second one includes

  • Agrarian relations – The Ain – i – Akbari
  • The Mughal  Court
  • The new architecture- Hampi
  • Religious Histories – The Bhakti-Sufi tradition
  • Medieval society through traveler’s account.

Part 3 – 

And the last part is all about,

  • Colonialism and rural society
  • Representation of 1857
  • Colonialism and Indian Towns – Town plans and Municipal Reports
  • Mahatma Gandhi through Contemporary Eyes
  • Partition through Oral Sources
  • And the making of the Constitution.

2. Political Science

The 12th political Science covers the world politics and Indian Politics since independence

1. Contemporary World Politics – 

This topic includes,

  • The Cold war era
  • The end of bipolarity
  • US Hegemony in world politics
  • Alternative centers of power
  • Contemporary South Asia
  • International organizations
  • Security in the contemporary world
  • Environment and the natural world
  • And globalization.

2. Politics in India since independence – 

  • Challenges of nation-building
  • The era of one-party dominance
  • Politics of planned development
  • India’s external relations
  • Challenges to the congress system
  • Crisis of the democratic order
  • Rise of a popular movement
  • Regional aspirations
  • And Recent development in Indian politics.

Best Diploma Courses list

3. Sociology

12th Sociology covers all about Indian Society and Changes and Development of Indian society

1. Indian Society – 

  • Introduction of Indian Society
  • the demographic structure of Indian society
  • social institutions-continuity and change
  • The market as a social institution
  • The pattern of social inequality and exclusion
  • Challenges of cultural diversity
  • And the suggestion for project work.

2. Change and development in Indian Society – 

  • Structural change
  • Cultural change
  • The story of Indian democracy
  • Change and development in rural society
  • Change and development in industrial society
  • Globalization and social change
  • Mass media and communications
  • And social movement. 

4. Economics

1. Introduction of Microeconomics

This topic includes

  • Introduction
  • Consumer’s equilibrium and demand
  • Producer Behaviour and supply
  • Forms of market and price determination under perfect competition with simple applications.

2. introduction of Macroeconomics – 

In this topic, you will learn about,

  • National income and related aggregates
  • Money and Banking
  • Determination of Income and employment
  • Government budget and the economy
  • Balance of payment.

5. Geography

12th Geography is all about studies of physical and human environments and their interaction at the different regions, nations, and the world. 

1. Fundamentals of Human Geography – 

This topic mainly contains Human geography, People, Human activities, Transports, communication and trade, and Human settlements.

2. People and Economy – 

  • This topic focuses on People
  • Human settlements
  • Resources and Development
  • Transport
  • Communication and International trade
  • And geographical perspective on selected issues and problems.

6. Psychology

12th Psychology subject is all about human minds and their functions, human behaviors, and mental characteristics of human beings.

There are some important topics covered in Psychology such as

  • Variations in Psychological Attributes
  • Self and Personality
  • Meeting life challenges
  • Psychological disorders
  • Therapeutic approaches
  • Attitude and social cognition
  • Social influence and group processes
  • Psychology and life
  • Developing psychological skills.

Advantages of the Arts Stream

There are many benefits of arts stream such as-

  • Its biggest advantage is that after studying in this film, no person can easily remain unemployed.
  • This stream is highly diversified, due to which the scope of the job in this is very high. And along with this, entrepreneurship is also encouraged in it.
  • After studying from the Arts stream, a person can do a Lawyer and can increase his reach in legal terms.
  • After studying from the Arts stream, a person can do law and can increase his reach in the legal fields.
  • If a person has a passion for art, if a person has a very good hobby of art, then he can go into the field of fashion design, apart from this, he can also advance his five in the field of event planner and graphic designing. And be sure to have a good one over there.
  • If a person likes mass communication, then he can easily get the job of a journalist, or can also work as a freelance journalist.
  • If you like to teach, then after doing a BA course, you become a lecturer, and then you can also become a teacher.
  • If you have an interest in psychology then you can also work as a psychologist or sociologist.
  • If you love history, you can become a historian.
  • If you like country service and public service, then you can become a public relations officer or you can become an activist.
  • Apart from this, if you like to write and you can write good books, then you can also become an author by doing a BA course.
  • If you like to research anything, then you can be a researcher.
  • If you have a passion for freelance writing, then you can also become a content writer.
  • If you have more interest in law and order and the Indian Constitution, then you can also become a policy analyst. Or you can become a leader too. That’s why we were saying that it is very difficult to understand this team in any one definite definition because it has a very diversified scope available.

Disadvantages of the Arts Stream

  • The arts stream has very few disadvantages, but its biggest disadvantage is that if you want to progress in the field of science then this stream is useless for you.
  • Apart from this, if you want a job in which you get a very good salary package, then this stream is not for you, you cannot become the owner of a huge salary by earning an education in this stream.
  • After studying arts or after studying in other streams, you will have to prove yourself everywhere to get a job.
  • You cannot get a job by studying only in the arts stream, because many people do this and you have to compete with all those people.

Courses after 12th Arts

BA ( Bachelor of Arts )BFA ( Bachelor of Fine Arts )
BJMC ( Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication )BMM ( Bachelor of Mass Media )
BBA ( Bachelor of Business Administration )Bachelor of Designing
BHM ( Bachelor of Hotel Management )BSW ( Bachelor of Social Work )
BA – LLBBMS ( Bachelor of Management Studies )

1. BA

BA – Bachelor of Arts

It is 3 years ( 6 semesters ) regular, distance, and online undergraduate course after 12th, this course is often done by people who are more interested in reading, writing, analyzing things, etc.

The course of Bachelor of Arts is a course spread over a very large area, this course is spread in more than 40 areas. Where pointed education is given in various areas related to this course. Such as –

  • BA Honors in Social Work
  • BA in Psychology
  • BA in Hospitality and Tourism
  • BA in Journalism
  • BA in Military Studies
  • BA in Political Science
  • BA Public Relations
  • BA in Rural Industry
  • BA in Vocational Studies
  • BA in Study of History
  • BA in Geography
  • BA in Child Welfare and Social Studies
  • BA in Literature in English
  • BA in Yoga
  • BA in Education, etc.

2. BFA

BFA – Bachelor of Fine Arts

It is one the best undergraduate course after 12th arts, or any stream student can pursue it.

There are many specializations or trades in bachelor of fine arts so you can choose this one to make your future bright.

Basically, it deals with visual and performing arts.

Let’s know about some specializations for visual arts such as

  • Painting, literature
  • Photography, animation
  • Graphic design
  • Applied arts calligraphy
  • Textile design, printmaking
  • Digital arts, etc,

And some specializations for performing arts such as dance, music, drama & theater, etc.

3. BMM

BMM – Bachelor of Mass Media

It is the best course after 12th class in any stream like arts, commerce, science, all these streams are eligible for this course.

If you want to make a career in the film industry, news channels, and youtube for Advertising, News Paper, magazines, Public Relations, etc then you can choose Bachelor of Mass Media ( BMM ).

It is one of the best professional undergraduate programs in the designing field after the 12th class in any stream.

4. Bachelor of Designing

The bachelor of design includes various types of specialization such as,

  • Fashion designing
  • Product designing
  • Textile designing
  • Interior designing
  • Game designing
  • Graphic designing
  • Animation film designing etc.


BJMC – Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

It is 3 years ( 6 semesters ) undergraduate degree course after 12th arts for those who are interested in news anchoring, reporting, copywriting, etc.

There are several important specializations in BJMC such as television, radio, news channel, newspaper, etc. You can choose any one of them as per your interest to make a bright future.

6. BHM

BHM – Bachelor of Hotel Management

It is the best undergraduate course after the 12th arts or any stream for those who are interested in hotel services.

It includes various types of fields such as front office, housekeeping, catering, public relationship, marketing, accounting, etc.

It is an evergreen course so it can be the best career option for 12th commerce students.

You can choose any one specialization according to your interested area.

7. BBA

BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

The BBA course is 3 years ( 6 semesters ) an undergraduate program after the 12th class that deals with business management, marketing, entrepreneurship, and human resources.

It includes some important specializations like,

  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • Banking and insurance
  • Human resource etc.

You can pursue by choosing anyone according to your interested area.

8. BMS

BMS – Bachelor of Management Studies

Bachelor of Management Studies is the best undergraduate job-oriented degree course after 12th arts or any stream related to management.

It includes specializations like business firms, marketing, and sales, computer application, economics, banks, finance, etc.

If you want to become a manager then it can be the best way to become a manager.

9. BSW

BSW – Bachelor of Social Work

It is one of the best professional undergraduate degree courses after 12th arts or any stream for those who have the willpower to help others who are poor, uneducated, etc.

If you are interested in dealing with poor people to improve their lifestyle, health, social and economic problems then this course can be the best for you.

10. BA – LLB

BA – LLB – Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Legislative Law

It is also the best undergraduate degree course after 12th arts or any stream can join Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Legislative Law.

It includes various types of specialization such as

  • BA- LLB in criminal law
  • Cyber law
  • Corporate or business law
  • Administrative law
  • Labour law
  • Patent law
  • Divorce law etc.

If you are interested in representing clients in criminal and civil litigation.

And other legal proceedings, advising clients individually, explaining clients about legal rights, etc then you can go for BA-LLB.

Career Options in Government Sectors

UPSC( Union Public Service Commission ) Civil Services Exam for

  • IAS( Indian Administrative Service )
  • IPS( Indian Police Service)
  • IFS ( Indian Foreign Service).

Banking Exam for

  • Bank PO( Probationary  Officer )
  • Bank Clerk.

RRB Exam for – TC, Clerk

SSC Exam for

  • Income Tax Officer(CBDT)
  • Inspector(CBEC)
  • Assistant Audit Officer
  • Assistant in Ministry of external affairs(MEA)
  • Inspector(Central excise)(CBFC)
  • Inspector ( Preventive Officer )
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer(AEO) and many more.

And state government also provides so many best jobs for Class-1, Class-2, and Class-3 like,

  • Dy. Section Officer
  • Dy. Mamlatdar
  • Junior Clerk, etc.

So the arts stream is very good you can choose for your bright future.

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Q1 – What are the subjects in arts after 10th?

Compulsory and Optional subjects in Arts stream after 10th – Economics, Psychology, Sociology, English, Geography, Political Science, History, Hindi and Regional subjects as per state.

Q2 – Which stream is best?

Every Stream is the best it is all about our interests – Arts, Commerce, Science, and short-term courses.

Q3 – How do I choose a career?

You should think about your interest and what is the scope of that stream in the future.

Q4 – Which stream is best for IAS?

Arts Stream is the best stream for IAS because of Arts Stream covers more syllabus for IAS than other streams.

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